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Geographical Guide to the Best Recipes in Every Land - Part 2

by doglover3662


Chapter 2: Tropical Life

     This week, our two adventurers will be exploring Neopia’s tropical lands. The first stop on the itinerary is none other than Neopia’s most popular vacation destination, Mystery Island. Once you’ve visited Neopia’s biggest island, it’ll be no “mystery” why it is one of Neopia’s most visited lands. Who doesn’t like to vacation on a tropical island? The island is best known for its tropical cuisine and Techo Mountain, a giant mountain in the middle of the island that looks like Techo but is also a giant volcano. It serves as the best training centre, and rumour says there’s a side door where the most elite athletes hone their abilities. If you’re not in the mood for serious training, there’s always a Mynci to play volleyball with!

     Lilian and Werther decide to take an unorthodox approach and start off by visiting the Lost City of Geraptiku. Lilian is hoping to find some inspiration for a recipe she can include in her series.

     Lilian navigates the submarine just off the shore of Mystery Island. She presses the same button as earlier, and the submarine converts back to a mechanical hot air balloon. From there, they fly over the island until they reach Geraptiku.

     Geraptiku: Chrysanberry Sun Cake


     Werther: This place always gives me the creeps. It’s still a mystery what caused the inhabitants of this city to disappear without a trace.

     Lilian: Whatever it was, it’s probably long gone, so no need to worry.

     Lilian careful explores the city when she suddenly comes across an old Geraptiku book.

     Lilian: I got it! I found the recipe I’d like to include in the Geraptiku section of my series.

     Werther: Aren’t you going to tell me?

     King Kawillawoa: Perhaps it’s better if I share the recipe.

     Lilian and Werther: King Kawillawoa? What are you doing here?

     King Kawillawoa: Shh, I’d rather not say. But come, I’ll tell you how this Chrysanberry Sun Cake is made, the authentic way. It’s miles better than the Geraptiku Recipes Book version you’ve got there.

     First things first, you’ll need to dig a bit in the ground. Once you’ve dug a fairly large hole, add your tinder, but don’t start the fire yet. Next, take some bigger logs and put those on top, spanning the gap, to stabilise your cooking pot. Next, and here’s the crucial part, put some water at the bottom of the pot, then add another, less deep pot on top so that it can be heated from the steam below. Add a layer of dried beans to this. Put the lid on and make sure it’s tight so no steam can escape, then light the fire so that the water can slowly begin to boil. Now, you can begin to gather your ingredients for the cake. Please bring back:

     Myncibean Punch, Chrysanberries, Wingafruit, Seedless Skeem Jam, Flamear, Wertholoupe, Munparaberry, Blue Ombus Fruit, Stick of Butter, Kacheek Flour, Blurf Coconut Milk, Bag of Sugar, Vanilla Tea, Dozen Eggs, Coral Salt and Pepper

     Before you get too far, add the Myncibean Punch into the bottom of the pot that’s above the water. They’ll dry out perfectly as you mix the other ingredients and get your cake pan ready. Oh, and make sure you have a small cake pan that will fit on top of those beans, with room for the cake to rise with that lid on top. I know these beans look like Mynci heads, and I’m sorry we don’t have any more attractive beans here, but this is Geraptiku. Everything looks like skulls around here, even, err, especially the tree roots. Grease your cake pan with some butter and flour, and we’re ready to get mixing this cake.

     First, cream together about a cup of sugar and a half-cup of butter until they’re completely combined. Then, add in two of your eggs and some concentrated Vanilla Tea, and mix again until blended. In a separate bowl, add two cups of your Kacheek Flour, which so happens to be self-rising, so you won’t need any baking powder or the like. Add in about ¾ teaspoon of your Coral Salt from your salt and pepper set, and you’re ready to mix this bowl. Add this and your Blurf Coconut Milk in small amounts to your main batter mixture, alternating which you put in first, and stirring as you add them in. Once all the ingredients are in your main bowl, you can finally add your fruit. For this, there’s the namesake Chrysanberries, but also some Wingafruit, which is another ingredient the Geraptiku cookbook excludes. Very gently, mix in 1.5 cups of Chrysanberries and a half-cup of Wingafruit. We’ll use the rest of the Chrysanberries later. Fill your cake tin with the mixture, and place it carefully on top of your now-dried beans. Before completely closing the lid on it, place some parchment paper on top, so that the steam from the cooking process doesn’t drip down onto the cake. Cook for about 30 minutes, or until a small twig comes out clean, then take the cake out very carefully and set it out to cool.

     While it is cooking, we’ll be making the icing. For a truly tropical cake from this island, mix together your Blue Ombus fruit and Munparaberry. You can get the seeds out of the Ombus Fruit by squeezing tightly on one side … it’s tradition here, and a real competition among the islanders. Don’t ask me why. Once they’re mixed, add some very finely powdered sugar, and mix, in about a 50/50 ratio. Now, for the decorations, split open a Wertholoupe, and carve the shell into a sun. For the middle, slice open a Flamear and grab three sections. It tastes like pineapple – it’s quite yummy. With those made, it’s time to carefully cut your cake in half. You might be wondering why you haven’t used the Seedless Skeem Jam yet, and this is the time. You can spread it now on top of one cake layer, then put the other layer on top. Then, add your icing all around the cake. Add your sun-shaped Wertholoupe shell, and place your three Flamear sections in the middle in the shape of a Flotsam tail. Add the rest of your Chrysanberries around the base of the cake, and your quintessential Geraptiku dessert is ready to eat!

     Lilian: Now that the Geraptiku section is complete, let’s go to the main part of Mystery Island to see what recipes we can find.

     King Kawillawoa: Let me accompany you. The journey, while short, can still be treacherous. These brambles are no joke. Also, I wouldn't trust Mumbo Pango or the Island Mystic to tell you the true way to make this next recipe, anyway.

     Mystery Island: Blue Cocofizz


     Welcome to a place that has its own magical cooking pot! Known throughout Neopian ages, we are going to utilise its powers for our recipes from Mystery Island today. Let’s gather a few ingredients from the island to create the best of this land’s treats - a never before seen recipe, for the best beach day celebration, ever! It will be much simpler than the cake you just made, and will pair wonderfully with it, too. Look around for:

      Blurf Coconut Milk, Chrysanberry, Agueena, Cloudberry, Honeyplume, Maraflop, Islandberry

      Lilian: Phew, it took a while to get those ingredients gathered together! I had to climb so many different fruit trees just to get these ingredients, and that Maraflop in particular was at the tippy top of its tree, on top of a giant hill no less! It is no wonder Jhuidah refused to divulge the recipe.

     King Kawillawoa: Blue Cocofizz, this is the best coconut drink you’ll have, ever. Enjoy this extraordinary beverage that will leave you feeling like you’re floating amongst the clouds – and the magical cooking pot will do all the work! I’ve had some Weewoos taste test it, and by their gleeful singing, they quite agree!

      Lilian and Werther decide to take a break from their journey for just a moment to sit back and relax in a pair of beach chairs on The Beach while they sipped on their Blue Cocofizz drinks.

     Lilian: It is such a beautiful day, I’m glad we decided to take a short break and enjoy these drinks on the beach! It really is a tropical paradise!

     Werther: I agree, Lilian, it’s nice to take a moment to relax. But, we mustn’t rest too long, as we still have a lot of lands to visit.

     Lilian and Werther finish their Blue Cocofizz drinks, despite wanting to stay longer, since they know it’s time to continue on their journey. They jump aboard their mechanical hot air balloon and head further east, towards a mysterious island.

     After a few hours of flying, their destination comes into view - an island covered in a strange mist: Lutari Island. It’s the hardest land to find because it’s never in the same place twice. The island moves about Neopia randomly.

     Lilian: It’s smaller than I remember, but it’s been a while since I’ve last visited. I’m happy to be back, though. I need to get the recipe for Lutari Island’s famous drink for my series. I’m hoping Erin will be willing to tell me. I’ve heard she’s the best guide on the whole island.

     Despite the thick mist covering Lutari Island, they’re able to land the balloon safely in the middle of the island. As they disembark from the balloon, Erin waves her arms and greets them enthusiastically.

     Lutari Island: Red Juice


     Erin: Welcome back to Lutari Island, it’s nice to see you both again.

      Lilian: We’re happy to be back, it’s nice to see you again, too, Erin. I was wondering if you would be willing to teach me how to make Lutari Island’s famous Red Juice? I’m visiting all the lands of Neopia and collecting recipes from each place I go. I’d really like this on my list.

     Werther: It’s nice to see you again, Erin. It’s been a while! I was afraid I was going to crash into the rocks with this balloon, I could hardly see a thing … and frankly, I still can barely see a thing.

     Erin: I’m sorry to hear about your landing troubles, but I am glad you’re both safe. I’m also afraid I can’t share the recipe with you. Even I don’t know. Anything else, and I’d be happy to help, but that recipe is shrouded in as much mystery as this island. I’d be happy to pour you each a glass of Red Juice to make it up to you! You can make your own guesses that way.

     Lilian: I understand. We’d love to have your Red Juice again!

     Erin runs off and comes back carrying two glasses of Red Juice that she hands Lilian and Werther.

     As Lilian drinks her glass of Red Juice, she tries to distinguish the fruits and berries used.

     Lilian: Now, this juice comes all the way from an island so shrouded in mystery, even the top chefs in the rest of Neopia have no clue how to make it! I only have one guess, and I’m guessing it’s quite incomplete. If you manage to find a recipe, be sure to send it to the Neopian Times. Bon voyage, finding:

     Lutango and the mystery fruit.

      My best guess is that this juice is derived from the sweet nectar of the lutango and this other unidentified fruit, but I am completely clueless to the rest of the recipe! Perhaps if the mist ever clears, we can go explore the island and complete this recipe.

      Lilian and Werther aren’t able to stay for long before being overtaken by the overwhelming mist. They don’t know how the Lutaris tolerate it. They run to their mechanical balloon after bidding Erin farewell, and head off to their next adventure.

     Lillian: Do you think the mist will ever lift?

     Werther: Not in my lifetime, I fear.

     They fly a few days before coming upon the next stop along their journey. Lilian carefully lowers the mechanical hot air balloon until it’s right above the waves. She then presses a button that turns the mechanical hot air balloon into a submarine. It’s now the perfect form of transportation to reach our first location next week: the underwater land of Maraqua.

     To be continued…

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