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Let me start by saying, I LOVE that the original dyework items are being put in the mall. I know many are salty about it, but I love that everyone can have them now! SO on that note, what about the dyeworks that stay permanently to be dyed? Can you put those permanently in the mall so anyone can dye those too? ~Anonymous
Hello! That would make sense to have those items dropped back into the NC Mall :) We will work on adding them in, so keep an eye out and thanks for writing in! ~ Miss Rainbow

Can you please address the secret lab map being down? It has been 4 months and no one has officially addressed it. Do you have an ETA for them being up? Please? ~ih8sk8
We have forwarded this to the development team to see where we can fit it in for the next release. The team is locked in on the next set of events and we will be sure to work on this when we are freed up. Thanks! ~Yarner

Hello, TNT. Long time user, not much of a commenter. I was wondering if the games in the games room are going to come back. Thanks! ~dootzbugg2001
Yes! We are in the initial talks with our team to see what is the feasibility of bringing the games back to the site. This is a big scope of work for us but we will be sure to put it on the roadmap once we have a plan in place. ~Yarner

TNT. *slides a nice warm cup of borovan across a table* Thank you for meeting me today. I recently came across a petpet for the first time - and I can't believe I'd lived up to that moment NOT knowing of its existence. I immediately rushed to JellyNeo, needing to see every single item I could hoard of this petpet - what brushes I'd need to collect one of each - I had plans for a gallery and more. Only to find... *pauses to take a small sip of borovan, sighs* Only to find that there's only the Pirakeet, and the Pirakeet Plushie. So I'm asking - nay, BEGGING even though begging is against the rules. :( We NEED more Pirakeet items - and give those babies some paint options!! Thank you for your time. ~mihkla
*Me side-eyeing the Pirakeet* *The Pirakeet side-eyeing me right back* …okay fine. We’ll make you more stuff, just stop looking at me like that! ~ Stone

Please make mutant leeble paintable. Regular leeble needs to be added to the petpet puddle so mutant can be painted. Please, it has been literally months since it was "released." ~phlyarologist
Oh no! Thank you so much for letting us know. We aren’t exactly sure why the original Leeble was never made paintable, but they are now! See you at the petpet puddle! ~~Aesop

Would it be possible to get an edit button on the neoboards so that typos and stuff could be corrected in post? ~darkelvenwizard9000
Hello! We are currently looking into ways to improve the Neoboards, love this idea! Being able to fix typos wuold be amazing. We’ll look more into this. ~ Sunpotato

Hey TNT, props on the inclusivity stuff! Can we get a baby helmet for our baby pets? ~silly_mistake
This is a great idea! In fact, we want to make sure to have inclusive items for all the different kinds Neopets! In the future, we will be doing our best to roll out items for Baby, Mutant, Maraquan, and 8-Bit! ~ Stone

I love the new disabled items kudos to the team. As a disabled person myself would it be possible to add like an Insulin Pump as well? Maybe a Service Kadoatie (my service animal is a cat)? ~alrodr
We are so glad to hear the love for the new items and want to keep releasing as many as possible! In fact, once this month is over I will be going to the Neoboards to ask for more suggestions of items we can include in future releases! I have made note of these, and if you have anymore please keep a look out soon for the Neoboard to add more of your suggestions! ~ Stone

Hi hi hello hi TNT! I couldn't help but notice that Winter Faerie Wings (which were recently rereleased a few months ago, woohoo!) seem to not display properly on some pets! The wings should disable a painted pet's faerie wings, for example! It would be a lot better if they weren't clashing on top of each other :') Thank you so much!! ~lereshpere
Hi hi! Ah yes, that's a good point! Wings-be-gone! This item should now restrict your pet’s wings so that the Winter Faerie Wings can truly shine. Happy customising! ~Miss Rainbow

Hi TNT! Thank you for the beautiful new Maraquan items in the Sunken Maraquan Treasure Superpack! Could we maybe have a background or two that are half land half sea/water? Something like Pretty Tropical Lagoon Background but a little darker and gloomier maybe? Thank you! ~elbereth_elentari
Hello! Hmm that’s a great idea! We took note of it and will see when we can bring it into existence! Thanks :) ~Miss Rainbow

Hi, TNT! Thank you for making the new accessibility wearables restock at the Pharmacy instead of Uni's Clothing. This is a step in the right direction that's very needed and appreciated! Could you also look into thinning out the Uni's Clothing item pool so that other new wearables can also have a better chance of appearing? For example, I think the Bori Miner costume set, Aviator Scorchio set, and Wocky Gadgeteer set could be re-routed to Cog's Togs (shop ID 111). Bright Green Lipstick and Bright Red Lipstick could be re-routed to the Grooming Parlour (shop ID 5). And so on. Thank you for your attention to this gameplay issue that's preventing many Neopians from enjoying the new wearables you make! ~swordlilly
The employees at Uni’s Clothing Shop have been sharing similar concerns with us, and have said they are willing to do more collabs with other stores around Neopia! So we will most certainly be keeping this mind for upcoming items! We would also love to move around items like the ones you have listed and will look into it when possible! ~ Stone

Hello TNT! As a fitness enthusiast, I was wondering if you could spill some details about how King Coltzan got in such great shape? I'm sure he had a solid routine to get that physique. ~kiwichampion
Details such as these are usually kept under wraps by royal families, but we do know King Coltzan III underwent intensive training as a young Lupe that transformed him into a powerful and adept warrior. Rumour has it that his exercise regimen consisted of various activities such as lifting heavy sacks of sand, swimming, rowing, archery, and combat practice- however, it's unclear just how much of this is conjecture. When we travelled to Coltzan’s Shire to inquire about the matter directly with his spirit, the only fitness secret he would share was how he was able to lose a staggering amount of weight… by becoming a spirit. ~~Aesop


I was restocking at the Neopian Pharmacy and it really warmed my heart to discover the new item AAC device. My sister is nonverbal and it looks exactly like the one she uses! Thank you for disability inclusion in Neopia. ~spaceyksee

TNT thank you THANK YOU for the new Valentines colour!! It's nice to see that such cool designs are still being made for the site. ~pequepanda

Hello hello! *hands you a bunch of cookies* I wanted to say thank you for all the amazing black / poc hair styles and accessories that you came out with this month! I myself and white, but I love seeing all the inclusive styles, especially during Black History Month. Please keep up the good work, don't just let this be a February thing! ^^ ~chasing_stars44

Hey there! I just wanted to say that the recently released Ocean Tonu Markings (and accompanying Ocean pieces) are brilliant! Not that I am biased or anything (ok, I am. I really am), but we need Ocean Markings for ALL species (especially Gelerts!) Bravo! to the artist/s. Please give us more Sand/Beach pets! ~fullonparanoid

As a disabled person, I cannot state enough how meaningful it is to me that you guys have been representing disability recently. I absolutely adore the new items and I’m so so happy to see this kind of representation. I’ve been playing Neopets since I was 8, and I’m almost 30 now; this website has been part of my life for as long as I can remember, and I’ve been disabled for even longer. It’s so incredible to see this place I’m so attached to do something that is so often ignored. I couldn’t help but tear up when I saw the new items. Thank you, from the bottom of my heart. It really means the world to me. ~_malapropos_

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