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Geographical Guide to the Best Recipes in Every Land

by doglover3662


Chapter 3: From the Deep Sea to Life on the Shore

     Our two adventurers have covered a lot of ground in the past two weeks of their journey. From the smoky cliffs of Shenkuu then the pirate-infested Krawk Island, then to the tropical paradise of Mystery Island and the misty Lutari Island, they now travel from the deep sea to the shore.

     Lilian steers the submarine deep into the depths of the ocean until she reaches the gates of Maraqua. She parks the submarine just outside the gates. As neither Lilian nor Werther has gills, they change into scuba suits and exit the submarine. Together, they swim into the center of Maraqua.

     Maraqua: Ocean Platter

      Lilian: Maraqua is one of the hardest parts of Neopia to reach, but it’s worth the trip if you can manage it, just for the seafood alone.

     When you’re hungry in Maraqua, there is no better place to go than Kelp. Lilian and Werther swim their way there. After they enter the restaurant, the Kelp Maitre D’ greets them. She asks for them the name on their reservation.

     Lilian: “Lilian Fairweather.”

     Kelp Maitre D': Hello! Yes, I found your reservation; please follow me to your table.

     They follow him to a table in the middle of the restaurant. Their seats give them a good vantage point to see what everyone else in the restaurant is eating. From what they can tell, the Ocean Platter seems to be the overwhelming favorite.

     Lilian: By the amount of times I’ve seen it ordered, that Ocean Platter would be an excellent addition to the series. Excuse me while I see if I can go into the kitchen and speak to the chef.

     She leaves the table for amount ten minutes.

     Lilian: Success! The chef was extraordinarily nice when I mentioned my work on this Neopian Times series, and walked me through the whole process of making an ocean platter. Here is the recipe verbatim from the chef:

     If you can swim, go ahead and take a dive or go fishing for the following:

     Breadfish, Butterfish, Magic Crystalline Kelp, Fresh Oysters, Succulent Cheese Dip, Phear Juice Tonic

     You’ll be able to order the juice, oysters, and cheese dip right here at the Kelp, if you’re struggling to find them in your usual food store. Let’s get started on the most spectacular ocean platter you’ve ever laid eyes on, beginning with the fish. You can either bake these as you wish, or extract the bones for a delightful sushi. Remove the oysters from their shells and double check them, as you might get lucky and find a pearl. Since this needs to be the best for the Neopian Times after all, it is positively essential that you found the magic crystalline kelp, and not that giant red and green stuff floating in your back pond. It's not nearly as salty or as a crunchy as you would think. The magic crystalline kelp is guaranteed to taste good, no matter your tastebud palate preferences – that’s what makes it magical! Lay this on the side of the dish, artistically, and eat a bite with each forkful of fish or oyster. Drizzle some cheese dip on top, and also brush on some phear juice tonic, and you’re all set for an ocean feast. Bon appétit!

     Wait, what is that I hear? You’re craving bacon? With this dish? Fine, if you must, you can add some Seawe ed Bacon and it will blend right in.

     Werther: Congrats! As you were in the kitchen I finished the ocean platter I ordered. I couldn’t resist, I had to try it myself. I got one for you as well. After eating one I can see why it’s so popular. Hope you don’t mind I ate without you.

     Lilian: I don’t mind at all. I apologize for leaving the table.

     Lilian quickly eats her ocean platter. They pay the bill and head off to the Maraquan Ruins.

     As they explore the Maraquan Ruins, Lilian and Werther search for the Underwater Chef.

     Maraquan Ruins: Spaghetti Soup

     Lilian: Where do you think the Underwater Chef could be?

     Caylis floats by quietly.

     Caylis: The Underwater Chef is stuck in service to Mumbo Pango on Mystery Island. It’s a tragedy.

     Werther: Gosh, I’m sorry to hear that. I wasn’t expecting to see you here, Caylis. Can you perhaps tell us about some of the best food down here? The whirlpools must make it interesting to cook.

     Caylis: I swim around the shadows here, never staying in one place, but I’ll stay for a few more minutes to tell you. No harm in sharing, I suppose.

     Lilian: We really appreciate your kindness.

      Caylis: All right then. This is an original recipe from the underwater chef, before he started cooking for Mumbo Pango, and after Captain Dread sent him to the original Maraqua ruins in year 3. Let’s see if we can replicate it quickly you need to head back up to the surface.

     To make this delectable dish, you’ll need to find a fairly large seashell to use as a dish – a Blue Spiral Seashell should do the trick just fine. Then, gather some Kelp, Kelp Gazpacho, and Crab Spaghetti.

     Got the ingredients? Good. Grab some sort of container, and add the Crab Spaghetti into it. Place the tub near a hydrothermal ocean vent, and let it sit until you see bubbles. When selecting a vent, make sure it’s not sulfuric smelling, just normal – you don’t want food poisoning when you’re already in the crashing waves! After a few minutes, everything should be nice and warm, and the crab will be cooked thoroughly too. Using a long piece of seaweed, swim around the vent and drag the container away. Once you have whisked the ingredients back into your kitchen, add the Kelp Gazpacho as sauce, and garnish with some extra kelp for that true Maraquan flavour. Who knew such a meal could be enjoyed at such depths!

     Werther: So, this isn’t just a recipe but also a piece of Maraquan history.

     Lilian: Hm. That is a good point. I never thought of it that way! Thank you for your time, Caylis. I’m glad I was able to meet you.

     Once they finish exploring the Maraqua Ruins, Lilian and Werther swim back to their submarine at the gates of Maraqua. They climb aboard and take off their scuba suits. Lilian punches in the coordinates to their next destination. The journey will take a few days, but they have some food aboard and will rise to the surface as needed to replenish their oxygen supply.

     Lilian: After all that time at sea, and then a few days off, I’m ready to travel again! That dinner in Maraqua was wonderful, but after finally returning to the surface, I’m ready for something that doesn’t taste like fish! I need something sweet.

     Werther: *Ponders* All right then, let’s look for a sugary snack. Come with me, it is time for another trip in our hot air balloon!

     Kiko Lake: Peanut Butter Kiko Fudge

           Lilian can hardly contain her excitement as she lands the mechanical hot air balloon along the shoreline of the lake.

      As she and Werther are climbing out of the mechanical hot air balloon they are greeted by Neopia’s most famous gamer, AAA.

      Lilian: Hi AAA, what a surprise seeing you here.

      Werther: It is a surprise; I thought you never leave the Games Room.

     AAA: Welcome ashore! When I heard that you were going around collecting the best recipes in Neopia, I knew I had to catch you to make sure you included my favourite Kiko Fudge flavour. That’s the only reason I’m not on Roo Island right now. I like to boat over in the morning – it calms my mind and I get my fill of fresh air before my day of gaming. You cannot find a single better treat around this whole area. This recipe is no trick and all treat, except in the cooking process, but I’m here to help with that. Fudge can be a little difficult to make, but I’ll help you along! Gather together the following:

     Organic Peanut Butter, Brown Sugar, Confectioner’s Sugar, Vanilla, Kau Kau Farm Milk, and Butter

     Start by melting ½ a cup of butter in a saucepan, best over medium heat – this isn't Moltara. Stir in one pound of brown sugar and a half cup of Kau Kau Farm Milk. Bring this mixture to a boil and keep it there for two minutes, stirring frequently. Take the pan off the stove, turning the heat off. Kiko Lake is a beautiful wooded area, no need to set the place on fire! Stir in ¾ a cup of peanut butter now, and add in a teaspoon of vanilla extract. Then, go ahead and put 3.5 cups of confectioner’s sugar in a separate bowl, and pour the peanut butter mix over it. I hope you have strong arms– you’ll need it here! Beat this mixture until smooth, and pour into a dish. Chill it for a while until it sets, and dig in. What a marvellous and simple way to celebrate a fudge that’s normally much more complicated!

     Lilian: That was fantastic, but I’m still craving some snack food. Also, I may have depleted the food supply in our hot air balloon on the way back from Maraqua. I wonder what else can be found around here? AAA, any tips?

     AAA: I’m really in a hurry and need to go back to my games, but I’m sure you’ll find some well-stocked vending machines in the Game’s Room on Roo Island. Take a look there! You’ll love the rest of the island as well

      Taking AAA’s advice, Lilian and Werther head towards the Roo Island and the Games Room. At first they think of flying over in their hot air balloon, but they decide to go the scenic route and convert their hot air balloon in a sailboat instead. They decide that few things are as special as floating underneath a glistening rainbow for hours on end. AAA was right!

     After resting overnight on the boat and a glorious rainbow sunrise, Lilian and Werther get ready to explore Roo Island. As they get out of their boat, Abigail greets them.

     Roo Island: Coffee in a Cone

     Welcome to the land where every day is a holiday! To properly celebrate your successful journeys so far, I’ll love to help you celebrate by teaching you how to make this delectable coffee delight that will have you positively bounding with joy and bursting with creative ideas.

     Werther: Sounds like this is a favorite drink of yours! We’re all ears. Just a second, and we’ll have our journals at the ready too. I hear you’re the only one of the famous gamers here who really uses the kitchen.

     Abigail: Looks like you’re ready! And yes, I’m a way better cook than my brother AAA. It’s not even a question. For this recipe, you’ll need:

     Flavour-Changing Coffee, Chocolate Coffee Waffle Cone, Creamy Cloud Ice Cream

     Now to begin! Your waffle cone will have some chocolate in it, but I actually recommend you keep a little bit in there, to add to the flavor. Next, it’s time to pour in the flavor-changing coffee! It’s generally caramel, cinnamon, or butterscotch, and occasionally neggnog flavor when the advent calendar is up and running. The chocolate will also help keep the coffee from oozing out and making the cone mushy, a win-win! Ensure that you leave about half the volume of the cone for the cream. Now comes the part that takes some talent and practice: pouring the cream in the shape of a heart. Go ahead and melt some of your creamy cloud ice cream, and follow this technique: begin pouring the cream into the cone from higher up, going closer as the coffee levels begins to rise towards the top of the cone. When it’s ¾ full, the foam will begin to come to the top. Begin to shake the cream from side to side a little, being careful not to spill. Quickly lift the cream up and cut through to the end of the cone, and hopefully, you’ve got a heart. Hooray!

     Lilian: This is tremendously yummy. Thank you so much! Just to see what’s there, we’ll be heading off to the Games Room now to check out those snack machines.

     Abigail: It won’t be as good as this!

     Werther: I’m sure. Thank you ever so much for sharing this recipe with us. The readers are going to be thrilled.

     Lilian and Werther take a very short ferry across the small body of water that separates Roo Island from the Games Room. It would only take five minutes to swim across, but the ferry ride is even shorter.

     Games Room: Pile of Snack Foods

     Werther: When AAA, Abigail, Chadley and Lulu are gaming, there’s hardly a spare second to prepare a meal. It looks like this is what they eat during their games, whether to power them through, to celebrate after reaching a new high score, or I suppose sulk after a bad loss. Let’s see what we have here:

     Plate of Bacon, Can of Neocola, Neverending Jar of Jellybeans, Borovan-Flavoured Crisps

     After Lilian and Werther satiate their salt and sweet tooth cravings, they look for AAA once again. As it would happen, he comes bumbling towards the machine for a snack, looking a bit defeated after having been bested by the AI of King Roothless once again.

     Werther: Thank you AAA for making sure the snack machine stays stocked! I’ve put some extras in my bag for us as we continue our travels. Those Borovan Flavoured Chips hit the spot. Good luck gaming today!

     AAA: Toodles!

     Lilian: I wish we could stay longer. There is still so much I’d like to see.

     Werther: We still have many places to go – I know very well we could spend a lifetime in each place. It was wonderful assisting your dad on all his journeys for so many years.

     Lilian: I’m happy I have you to keep on track, Werther.

     Lilian and Werther take the ferry back to their mechanical hot air balloon that’s currently a sailboat. Lilian pushes the same button she pressed to transform it earlier. This causes it to convert back into a mechanical hot air balloon. They quickly climb into the balloon and fly southwest to their next destination.

To be continued…

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