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Lesson 9 - Adding Banners

People add banners to their sites for a number of reasons. It can be a good way to promote a friends page; it can brighten up your webpage or even earn you NeoPoints. Neopets has a referral program that you can find out more about here. You can get paid in Neopoints and items for recommending Neopets to people through your website.

If you decide to add a Neopets banner to your site, you first need to choose what image you want to use. Click here to see what banners are currently available. Underneath the banner you like will be some code. It will look something like this:

<a href=''>
<img src=''></a>

Simply copy that code (highlight the text and press Control key and C), then paste it into your webpage or your shop (press Control and V). Now you have a banner displayed that will earn you Neopoints whenever people sign up after clicking on it. To see how many people you have referred, click here.

Adding NeoBadges
Adding a NeoBadge is pretty much the same, only instead of a banner you have a picture of your Neopet. Badges earn you Neopoints in the same way was the banners. To get the code click here. Once you have chosen what picture you want to use, click below it to get the code. Then simply copy and paste that code into your webpage or shop. Your NeoBadge should look something like this:

donna got their Neopet at

Note - it is against Neopets rules and regulations to have a banner promoting a paid advertiser or an unsuitable site.

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