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Lesson 12 - Create an image

If you can't find a logo or banner that you like, or simply want to have a unique design, it is really easy to create your own image. The same instructions apply if you wish to create your own Beauty Contest entry, picture for the Art Gallery or any other image. If you are using a computer with Windows on it, you will already have a drawing program called Paint installed. You can open it by clicking on the Start button, then going --> Programs --> Acessories --> Paint. Paint won't give you all the effects that a program like Adobe Photoshop will, but it is easy to use and most computers come with it.

Choose the size of your picture
Paint automatically starts with a HUGE work area, you should change the size of the canvas depending on what you wish to create. To change the canvas size, click on IMAGE and then ATTRIBUTES. A window will pop up. In that window, type the size you want the canvas to be. Below are some example sizes. It is MUCH easier if you decide what size you want your picture to be before you start to draw, so choose carefully.

  • Guild Logos - 100 by 100 pixels
  • Banners - 120 by 60 pixels or 468 by 60 pixels
  • Beauty Contest Entries - 150 by 150 pixels
  • Art Gallery Entries - 400 by 400 pixels
Begin to draw
The tools are pretty obvious: the pencil draws, the paint bucket fills in shapes with colour, the circle tool draws a circle, etc. You can change colours by clicking on the colours at the bottom of the window. If you make a mistake, use the eraser or press the Control and Z buttons to undo a stroke. If you get stuck, click on 'HELP' in the Paint program, you can then search the help files until you find the answer to your question.

Save your picture regularly. There is nothing worse than accidentally knocking the power switch and losing all of your work after spending two hours creating an image. To save click on 'FILE', then 'SAVE AS', enter a file name for your picture and then press 'SAVE'.

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