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Lesson 6 - Links

You can turn anything on your site into a link to something else. If your favourite game on Neopets is Dice-a-Roo, you can make a text or image link to the Dice-a-Roo page. You already know how to insert images or text into your wwebpage, so turning those into links is very simple. First, you need to have a URL to link to. In this example, I have used the Neopets url. I wanted to make the text click here link to so I typed:

The only thing that will be displayed on the web page is the text click here, which will now be click-able. When you click on it with your mouse, it will take you to the Neopets URL. You can make the text a different size, different colour, bold, italic, or whatever you'd like, but you musst start and finish the tags either side of the text. For example, to make that link bold, I would write:

To make an image clickable, you use the same idea, but instead of typing the text, you put the image tag. For example:
<a href="">
<img src=""></a>

This will automatically put a thin border around your image. To make this border thicker (or to remove it completely), you need to use the border tag (see lesson 5 - inserting pictures). Using this tag, you can choose what size of border of any you want to have around your image.

Some basic borders are:

  • Border="0" no border
  • Border="1" thin border
  • Border="2" thicker border

If you don't want to have a border around your picture, you simply type border="0" inside the tag after you have typed the location of your image, like so:
<img src="" border="0">

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