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New Series

A Tale Of Old: Part One

"It has been peaceful today. It brings me joy to see that no one has invaded this land," stated Taron.

by thecougar400

A Walk in Anothers Paws: Part One

"Another pet, sweetie. I want to get another pet. Won't it be great? You'll have someone to play with and go shopping with! And you can help me pick out what type of pet to get and what to paint it and everything..."

by gracalyn

The Nameless Warrior: Part One

He slunk away and disappeared into the winding passageways of her castle. He knew it better than Jhudora herself, and frequently he could escape her "tender" administrations by losing himself in the darkened halls.

by moonlit_danaa

The Sky is the Limit: Part One

"Harry, you let me in there right now! You WILL practice skydiving today if I have to come in and DRAG you out of bed!"

by tolkienlordofthering

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"Just a Day Without Rules" by precious_katuch14

"Tomorrow, you can all do whatever you want. No rules, no chores, no work."...

Other Stories


Broccoli and Other Emergencies
"Those Neopoints are for an emergency. This isn't an emergency, just an inconvenience."

by janejinn


Deception and Lies
"It's okay, Sanna!" chuckled Cecilia. "You're safe as long as you're with me."

by kougra_kween_kaylana


In Deep Space, No-one Can Hear You Scheme
This article contains EXTREME SLOTH! Humour only for mature people that have evolved in spaghetti strands of DNA. Deadly Neopian Asparagus.

by plushieowner


Everything I Ever Needed To Know I Accidentally Learned On Neopets
Since in order to SAVE Neopoints, one has to MAKE Neopoints, I learned how to do that too.

by stoneman3x


Happy 14th Birthday!
Does anyone read the cake anymore?

by rassella


Alright kid -- er, I mean, HO-HO-HO!

by warrior_of_the_earth

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