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In Dec. of 2000 you had a one billion neopoint give away for 2,000 people, will you ever do that again? - _Neoprincessneo_
Maybe. That was a special event we did as a once off, but it has been a few years so it is possible that we could do something like that in the future.

With the MSN buddy icons, the Jeran, Kass, Darigan and Lisha don't work properly because you can't use things like blinkies, so it is possible to re-make them so they look right? - Katie_kibble_katly_k
Yes, we realised this after we put the second set live. If you are using MSN only the first frame will show. If you are using Live Journal you can use the animated images. In the future we will only add non-animated images, but the current ones will work with both MSN and Live Journal, you just won't have any animation with MSN.

Since you can paint your Ruki mutant how come there is no Ruki Transmogrification Potion. - Coot53
OOh... hehe.. One Ruki Transmogrification Potion coming up :)

On Draik Day will you make more Draiks to create? - Ebuhs
Draiks are slightly different to normal Neopets. You don't actually create them, you need to hatch a Draik Egg. We will more than likely make Draik Eggs temporarily easier to get hold of though.

I absolutely loooove Grembles, do you think you could make more things for them for Neopets, and maybe even make a Gremble plushie for real life? - Syko_me
I am not sure we would make a real life Gremble plushie, but we can definitely add some more Gremble themed things for the site.

I absolutely LOVE ALL the faerie avatars!!!! THEY ARE SOOOOOO PRETTY!!! But... do you think you could make some more default ones? Or easy to get ones for the other faeries??? Like the tooth, negg, and light faeries??? You only have 4 default faerie avatars... - Penguinity
I will pass this along to our avatar queen...

What are Gormballs made out of? - Apophis_heliopolis
They are essentially water balloons but they are only made on the Virtupets Space Station. Exactly what they are made out of is a closely guarded secret that nobody wants to reveal.

Someone brought up that when we create a Neopet, it should start out as a baby! Can't we do this? - Chickflick2121
I am afraid not. The Baby Paint Brush is just a new look for your Neopet. It doesn't mean they are actually younger. If all Neopets started off as babies the paint brush would be worthless. Plus not everyone wants to have a disgustingly cute Neopet :)

I just have a suggestion for you... some people don't bother to feed their pets, since they can't die... well, could you make it so if your pets' hunger is in the red, you can't create a new one? Just thought it'd be a good idea... - Go_me_im_an_erikluvr
I really like that idea. I will see if we can implement this.

Can you teach us how to draw Lord Kass, Count von Roo, and all those important characters in the How To Draw section? - Vampirerynca
Yup! New characters are added to the How To Draw section all the time. Lord Kass is already in there. Click on Draw Misc and then the Lord Kass plushie.

First off, I'd like to say that I LOVE the new kougra look ^^ Second, I'd like to know if you're planning on updating the Mutant Kougra to the new look *big puppy eyes* - Islandragon689
We are so glad you liked it. We have had a lot of positive feedback regarding the Kougra from everyone and its a relief we got it right in the end :P. All Kougras will be updated shortly, as they are they will be noted on New Features.

Would you ever consider a toast day or even a toast avatar? I know I would love it. ;D - Toast_god
Mmm... Toast! Yes! Toast is great! Toasted Cheese Sandwiches, Beans on Toast, Toast with Ketchup or just plain old buttered toast - mmmmmm!

When will a link to Brightvale appear there has been stuff adding to Brightvale but no link unless you go to news of August 9 - Jjbb60
Brightvale should be added to the explore map very soon.

On Mutant day, 2 of my pets got turned into mutants, and I was pretty estatic!, but the next day they were back to normal again... :( I thought that it was finnaly a dream come true to have my pets turned mutant, why did you change them all back? - Blue_dragonheart
We didn't actually change the pets. If you looked on your pet look up it would still say bob the Faerie Lupe even if it was showing poor Bob as a mutant. It was just a joke :)

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