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What does pie equal?

by _chazm_

And the Meepits Outgrabe

It's time.

by kittylin

Anywhere But Here

Gee... thanks Mom!

by ne_where_but_here

Complicated Simplicity

It's not easy being famous...

by neo_star_queen

Don't Blame ME

What? You don't think I can win?

by choclated


Is this the thanks we get?

by castor_jay

Expensive Food

Never forget to feed your Neopets...

by _kaloufen_

Extraordinary Boredom

This sounds like a cry for help... or at least for a makeover...

by frayed_promise_

Flipped Pancakes

Pancakes can be confusing...

by articuno_neo

Happy 14th Birthday!

Does anyone read the cake anymore?

by rassella

If You Only Knew...

Is she out of her mind?

by mindela_me

Insanely Nuts

Which came first?

by horserider149

Khaioki the Odd

Why you shouldn't play a lot of Whack-a-Staff-Member...

by kitokage

Luupine #3

Need... more... sleep O_O;;

by black_spiral

Money Tree Madness!

The Money Tree is a scarier place than you think!

by destiny_hunters


Go Cooky Go

by arbok2000

Nonsensical Verbiage


by laurensama


Alright kid -- er, I mean, HO-HO-HO!

by warrior_of_the_earth

Pot Of Gold

Never play hide and seek with a Rainbow pet... or a gold one if he has a pot.

by lyrielle

Really Confused

"About A Wolfish Grin"

by stoneman3x

Red X: The Snowball Machine

I'm sure someone will come along...

by shadowcristal

Rock Pool Rascals

Veggan Vandal

by leptonychotes

Room For Two


by child_dragon

Sane Asylum

Sloth, eat your heart out...

by teishan

Stuck in the Neopet's House

Where is everybody?

by spotthechelsey

Sweet Dreams

Fancy fonts are gone, but we can still dream...

by qbureau

The Mini Adventures of Rocky the Rock


by alien_1155

Under Control

Always up to something...

by bonoam

Yama and Ourra in: The Price of Being a Beauty

Some Neopets never learn...

by harper_1618

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Collector of Teeth

The Tooth Faerie. Questionably one of the most unseen Faeries in Neopia. Rarely ever viewed, this faerie appears only to take unwanted, and “supposedly” discarded teeth. But this Neopian dares to ask, who is this Faerie? Why does she collect teeth? And where does she get all this money to just hand out? Many have come to question the Tooth Faerie and what her true motives are...

Other Stories


Broccoli and Other Emergencies
"Those Neopoints are for an emergency. This isn't an emergency, just an inconvenience."

by janejinn


Deception and Lies
"It's okay, Sanna!" chuckled Cecilia. "You're safe as long as you're with me."

by kougra_kween_kaylana


In Deep Space, No-one Can Hear You Scheme
This article contains EXTREME SLOTH! Humour only for mature people that have evolved in spaghetti strands of DNA. Deadly Neopian Asparagus.

by plushieowner


Everything I Ever Needed To Know I Accidentally Learned On Neopets
Since in order to SAVE Neopoints, one has to MAKE Neopoints, I learned how to do that too.

by stoneman3x


A Tale Of Old: Part One
"It has been peaceful today. It brings me joy to see that no one has invaded this land," stated Taron.

by thecougar400


The Nameless Warrior: Part One
He slunk away and disappeared into the winding passageways of her castle. He knew it better than Jhudora herself, and frequently he could escape her "tender" administrations by losing himself in the darkened halls.

by moonlit_danaa

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