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Great stories!


The Importance of Educating Your Neopet
An education is priceless. Well, that may not be quite true, but it's value certainly is.

by charmedhorses


Mumbo Jumbo Cooking Pot Recipes
You should know by now that my scrambled mind does not function in the same sane ordinary way that everyone else's does.

by stoneman3x


Hunt for Cadima: Part Three
"Isn't it a great place to hide in?" Jhuidah boasted to several groaning villagers, then walked up face-to-face with Koro. "You were always such an adventurer, dear Koro. Why do you give up so early on what you search for?"

by cruzerchic123


Extraordinary Boredom
This sounds like a cry for help... or at least for a makeover...

by frayed_promise_


If You Only Knew...
Is she out of her mind?

by mindela_me

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