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Continued Series

A New Start: Part Two

"No, you're far from normal," said the Techo master, handing Pudding a book, opened to the page with Blueflash's picture. "Tell me what you see in common between this Kougra, Blueflash, and yourself."

by jesse12_3

Birthday Banditry: Part Five

He glanced down. The coast was clear. Wait, where was everybody?

by apollo_lunar

Darkness Binding 2: Part Two

"Come now, you're not broken. I have strengthened you. You are infused with me, and that is something divine. You shouldn't think so coldly of me."

by nomad2

Hunt for Cadima: Part Three

"Isn't it a great place to hide in?" Jhuidah boasted to several groaning villagers, then walked up face-to-face with Koro. "You were always such an adventurer, dear Koro. Why do you give up so early on what you search for?"

by cruzerchic123

Of Lights from Within: Part Two

"If only I could believe you, Alli. If only I could…" Nora sighed deeply.

by chocolateisamust

Pishicu and the Wisdom Council: Part Five

"Terskun, how nice to see you! I thought you died! Well I'll just have to correct that mistake, shall I?" Amar snickered.

by chipster33

The Good Days: Part Two

Renaline was brushing her hair that dark morning when a familiar little ball of light appeared. Just like before, it grew bigger and bigger, until Naleena herself appeared...

by puzz1ed

The Haunted Woods Secret: Part Four

"Daton!" said a voice from behind her. Zeth calmly walked up to her side and smiled. "Daton! You've found it, this is the place!"

by meowth4

The MAGAX Chronicles: Part Three

"Look me in the face when you speak to me, Wocky," snapped Fyora. Magax raised his eyes. "Now what is it you want? I hope you're not here to apologize, because I'm not buying it."

by grimpixie

The Mystery of the Stolen Gem: Part Four

"Guys," she said softly. "I know who the thief is."

by ridergirl333

The Rainbow Pearls: Part Three

"Hey! Maybe I should say I will reward some Neopoints to whom ever brought the circlet back!" exclaimed Rina suddenly.

by einstein20

Windstorm: Part Six

"Let me explain. My being alive should never have happened, but I was -- ahem, am -- a very talented mage, as well as warrior..."

by sara_mossflower

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Do you ever wonder, “What’s that scratching noise?” Or do you think about what that scurrying is in the walls? It is most likely one of the many pests of Neopia. I know what you’re thinking; “There aren’t any pests in Neopia!” But you are quite wrong my friend. Neopia isn’t a completely perfect place, for there are a few flaws, but not many. One of those flaws is pests...

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