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Short Stories


"It's too small," she simply said. She was not losing her sight. No way, no how.

by costa_rican_girl

Broccoli and Other Emergencies

"Those Neopoints are for an emergency. This isn't an emergency, just an inconvenience."

by janejinn

Deception and Lies

"It's okay, Sanna!" chuckled Cecilia. "You're safe as long as you're with me."

by kougra_kween_kaylana

Eopia's Moon

I looked out the single window in the room, which was far away from me, and I had to strain my yellow eyes to look out of it. I wanted to get out of here, leave forever.

by thecougar400

Faerie Fondants and a Priceless Plushie

"Ray!" Seana said cheerfully. Rayanne looked up. "We could sell your plushie and we could still live here!"

by tennisblondie16

Faeries and Soup

Storm had lost all hope. He would never find someone to help him, and he would probably starve to death!

by i_luv_orlandobloom23

Just a Day Without Rules

"Tomorrow, you can all do whatever you want. No rules, no chores, no work. Go ahead, no holds barred. I'm not joking."

by precious_katuch14

Postal Pals: The First Letter

"Well..." Norbert began, "this is the Dead Letter Office and we take care of all the letters and packages that can't be sent for whatever reason. I sort them, Chloe..."

by barbcat00

Shadowed Escape

"When have I wronged you, Master, to make you want to this?"

by weyrladyjeskann

The Eye Motif Vase from an Unmentionable Place

"Osiri is so expensive, and her stuff isn't even that great. No, I bought this from a weird looking Kau in a white robe. He gave me a great deal on it, too. I didn't even spend all of our neopoints!"

by chipster33

The Healing Springs that Almost Wasn't

The Healing Springs has always been so reliable. But, can something so good last forever?

by shadih_temporary

The Mystery Shop

Oh, yeah, this place looked real promising. The thoughts of ordering anything warm left my head like a needle popping a bubble.

by playmobil_is_my_life

Wanted by Everybody, Loved by Nobody

She created me for the avatar, but she told her friends she adopted me out of kindness. Ha! That's a laugh!

by legilis

Young Faeries: Illusen and Jhudora

"Why don't I like you? Why don't I like you? I'll tell you why!"

by neo_star_queen

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Pesky Pests

Do you ever wonder, “What’s that scratching noise?” Or do you think about what that scurrying is in the walls? It is most likely one of the many pests of Neopia. I know what you’re thinking; “There aren’t any pests in Neopia!” But you are quite wrong my friend. Neopia isn’t a completely perfect place, for there are a few flaws, but not many. One of those flaws is pests...

Other Stories


In Deep Space, No-one Can Hear You Scheme
This article contains EXTREME SLOTH! Humour only for mature people that have evolved in spaghetti strands of DNA. Deadly Neopian Asparagus.

by plushieowner


Everything I Ever Needed To Know I Accidentally Learned On Neopets
Since in order to SAVE Neopoints, one has to MAKE Neopoints, I learned how to do that too.

by stoneman3x


A Tale Of Old: Part One
"It has been peaceful today. It brings me joy to see that no one has invaded this land," stated Taron.

by thecougar400


The Nameless Warrior: Part One
He slunk away and disappeared into the winding passageways of her castle. He knew it better than Jhudora herself, and frequently he could escape her "tender" administrations by losing himself in the darkened halls.

by moonlit_danaa


Happy 14th Birthday!
Does anyone read the cake anymore?

by rassella


Alright kid -- er, I mean, HO-HO-HO!

by warrior_of_the_earth

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