The Bestest Friend

She hated the thought of living in an extremely crowded city with thousands of residents always worrying about NP or being poor.

by watermelon3000

Elements and Control

As BurningWindyKorbat went out looking an unseen stranger was emerging from the depths of our backyard.

by ilovensync4ever169

A Uni Called Fleke

Her mother, Arora, felt a lot of pain, so much, that she couldn't cry.

by Kawaiicub

Grandpa Cybunny's Final Lesson

As I approached my Cybunny Grandpa and Grandma Cybunny's house that Thursday afternoon, I could tell something was different that day.

by gregoryd40

This Is How It Feels

In my story, you will hear about when I was younger, life in the pound...

by wynd_chymz

MaTricie's Crush

MaTricie glided along the water, her sailboat skimming through the water with ease.

by metheprettyone

In the Moonlight

Orca was a very boy-crazy girl, like many other girls of her age.

by Mandy Yu

The Morphing Potion

It was an old memorable park where the two toddlers loved to play....

by beanboy712

New World Adventure

I went to bed that night sad. I wanted to go. I couldn't wait 'till next weekend.

by tucker177


Her owner abandoned her after creating her because she wanted a Shoyru instead.

by Bananahead610