The Morphing Potion

by beanboy712

Terem the green Shoyru and his best friend Kleeni the Korbat were hopping along the dusty road to the park. It was an old memorable park where the two toddlers loved to play. They would try and catch each others tails as they flew around the sand making a swirl of dust. Their soft padded feet made little noise as they arrived to the park.

"Hey Terem, lets go fly!" exclaimed Kleeni excitingly. Kleeni flapped his tiny wings and he began to float high into the air.

"Nah, I want to just dig a hole," said Terem. "You never know what you'll find!"

Kleeni looked down puzzled and slowly began to glide down to the sand. "Hmm, I guess so, let me help you," he offered.

The two pets sad down and started digging the cool dry sand. Suddenly Terem hit something while digging. "Hey Kleeni, I found something! I found something!" he cried. "Where?" he asked happily.

Terem proudly pointed to the hole and Kleeni took a peek. Inside was what appeared to be a glowing green rock. The two puzzled pets quickly flapped their wings to blow the dust off the treasure they found.

After the dust cleared, they found it was no rock at all! It was a glowing green liquid concealed in a small test tube. The bright potion shined mysteriously on the faces of the two pets as they gazed excitingly at it.

"What do you think it is?" Kleeni asked.

"Looks like a potion to me," said Terem scientifically. "Should I drink it?"

Kleeni gave a small shrug. Terem looked carefully at it. The bubbles moved up and down the tube gracefully as he tilted it up and down. Finally, with one last sigh, he opened the cap.

A burst of green smoke escaped and Kleeni held his nose. "Eew! It smells!" he cried. "Well I guess you should drink now eh Terem?"

Terem closed his eyes and took a sip. His eyes widened and he had a unpleasant look on his face. "Gross! It tastes bad!" he cried.

Kleeni closed the cap and put it back into the dirt. "Oh well, nothing happened. Let's go home." And with that, Terem and Kleeni began to float into the air ready to take off. They flew for about a minute when suddenly Terem complained, "Ouch, my wings are hurting."

They flew down and Kleeni inspected Terem's wings. They seem a little red. Suddenly, a look of terror swiped the face of the small Korbat. Terem looked at his wings and he gave a squeal. The green wings were slowly disappearing! Just then, red fur began to sprout and it was hard for Terem to stand. He sat in a cat's position and cried, "Ahh! What's happening! I'm turning into something weird!"

Kleeni stood there frozen not able to move. He looked at Terem's head. His shiny head started fur up into red and little pointy ears popped up. In between those ears sprouted another pair of long ears which erected high above his head. His large eyes began to shrink and before he knew it, he was a Red Aisha!

Kleeni panicked. "Ah! Terem! Look at you! You look like Flaysha!" Flaysha was one of their best friends who also is a Red Aisha.

"I know! How weird!" he cried. "I wanna go home!"

The two pets raced home and Terem found it extremely tiring to run very fast. When they got to the house, Kleeni's owner Steve looked at both of them.

"So uh, Kleeni where's Terem?" he asked.

"I am Terem!" he cried. "I ate some kind of potion I found! I knew I wasn't supposed to but I'm sorry!" Terem began to sob.

Steve's eyes widened and he quickly picked Terem up. He raced over to a box and opened it. Inside were rows of identical green potions all glowing brightly. Steve let out a sigh and took one of them out.

"I'm very disappointed in you Terem but still there is a chance to get you back into a Shoyru. But there is a catch. You won't be able to be green. Instead you will be blue."

Terem nodded sadly. He took the potion from his hand and drank every last drop.

Almost instantly, the fur disappeared and the ears shrunk back in. His wings began to grow and his color began to swirl into blue.

From that day on Terem would never ever drink something if he didn't know what it was and he glad that he could at least be a Shoyru again.

The End