A Uni Called Fleke

by Kawaiicub

It was a dark and cold winter night...A new Uni would be born. Everyone was worried because they thought that this new creature wouldn't make it when it was time for them to leave that night.

"She's going to have the baby now!!!!" One older Uni said. Her mother, Arora, felt a lot of pain, so much, that she couldn't cry. Then this Uni was born...

They couldn't find a good name for her so they left that aside. Soon it got really cold, it was time they found a new home. But where? Not for about 2 miles would they even come to town. The large group of Unis all lived in a pretty big barn that was strong, guess it just wasn't enough...

Well, the only thing that this little Uni had for warmth and protection was a scarf that her mother gave her. She wrapped the little Uni into the scarf. Then everyone started talking. They rested for about three hours and then they decided that they should leave. By this time the little baby Uni could see, smell, hear, and talk completely. Unis learn that stuff that fast... They packed some food, what they could carry, then they tied this young Uni, which Arora decided just to call her baby, to her mother with the scarf and set out to stay somewhere else.

Everyone was so tired that they really didn't want to move, but they knew that it was best. For about ten hours of traveling many Unis started to die. So without even thinking twice, the oldest and strongest male decided that everyone should split up then see if they get any closer to town. Then they should try and find us if we never return after the storm's gone. Everyone agreed, then the Unis split into four parties, then split...

Three days passed and no one ever turned back to find the group of Unis that Arora and her child were with. They were lost. Never rested, nothing. They we very hungry and tired. Many Unis died of either starvation or just because it was too cold. By now the little Uni could do everything. Walking was important now because Arora was too weak to do anything or carry her. Every Uni was stumbling here and there. The young Uni couldn't understand everything, she was the only young Uni there...

"You have to...*cough* uh, go on...with out.. me..."

"Why? Are you gonna be okay?" Arora knew that her child could make it alone if she ran and ran far away from this place where her mother was doomed to die... Everyone was moaning and groaning except for her because she was warm with her scarf that covered her whole body... Arora figured that she was only slowing her child down. So, with her last words, she smiled and said, "Don't worry, we will see each other soon some other time...Just go and do not look back, okay? Don't! Just keep going...My baby...I love you..."

"Mommy? No! Wake up!" She thought that maybe her mom was right, and she was just sleeping... So with those words in her mind, she ran off...

Two days past and the seven day old Uni was too tired and hungry and cold to go on anymore. Everything was a blur to her and she knew there were some figures in the distance coming towards her but she was to weak to move... The smudge of what she saw picked her up gently and said, "Don't worry, I will help you!" Then she blacked out...

The Uni awoke into a strange room. It was filled wonderful toys! Many of the new sights, smells, and...What are these? She thought wondered through her mind... "Cool! We never had a NeoPet here before like you!" A strange creature said to her. "My name is Ashley and I'm an Usul, who are you and what?"

"I don't have a name, I am a Uni..."

"Well we all like new NeoPets here...We make good friends fast. We don't have a family, but this an 'Adoption Center,' which is where kind Neopians come and pick a good pet to live with them!"

"Oh...." The so ever confused Uni said... "Hi, I wonder if you have any new pets in today?"

Someone said at the desk. "Sure, we got a Uni in today...Quite pretty I say...Right over there..."

"She's nice, how much?"

"Already, gees! Ain't even here for five hours and you want, the others ain't even got a chance to play with her, since she's been sleepin'..."

"Where'd you find her?"

"Out in the snow, freezin', starvin', all that stuff...! We found a whole herd, 'bout 15 of 'em, dead...Starvation, frozen, that stuff! But that was about 15 miles away from where we found her. She's like 'bout seven days old, no, eight!"

"She needs a really good home I'll take her!"

"Free of charge, just good love and attention!"

"Here, take it anyway!"

"Thanks, but..."

"Just take it! Bye! Have a wonderful day!"

"You too!"

Soon the Uni arrived to her new home...

This kind human told her that her name was Lily, but she didn't know of a good name for the Uni. The Uni told her about a few things, she said she likes weird names...So then Lily thought of a strange name.

"How about Fleke?"

"Oh! I like it!" Fleke said with delight. Then Lily took Fleke to her new room. "WOW! This is cool!" She couldn't believe all the wonderful food and toys she saw. "Is this all for me?"

"Yep!" Lily said, cheerfully.

Fleke, for a while, kept chanting, "Fleke is my name, Fleke is my name," so she wouldn't forget...

The two sat down on Fleke's new bed and they chatted for a while. They instantly became best friends. So ever since Fleke and Lily have been family, Fleke has made many new friends... They own a shop, a guild, lots of stuff to keep them busy. So far that's the story of A Uni Called Fleke...

The End