by Bananahead610

There was once a small, newborn Usul named Ann. Her owner abandoned her after creating her because she wanted a Shoyru instead. So Ann was left with Ms. Worley and the rest of the pets in the pound. Ann was all alone in her small cage, with barely enough food and water given to her every day.

A few days later, a little girl walked into the pound. She said she was looking for a small Usul. The kind Blumaroo showed her right to Ann. Ann's face lit up, and so did the little girl's. "She's perfect." The Blumaroo took Ann out of the cage, and the little girl kindly paid him. "Thank you!" She said as she walked out with Ann in her arms.

"Now, little Usul. What's your name?" asked the little girl. "My name is Ann. Would you like me to call you ma'am?" asked Ann.

"No, my name will do for an adorable creature like you," said the little girl.

"Well, then, what is your name?" squeaked Ann's little voice.

"My name is Kelly," said the little girl," I think you need a nice treat after being in that rotten pound all week," said Kelly, and she walked into the Chocolate factory with Ann. She bought Ann a Sweet and a mint Kacheek.

"Thanks so much, Kelly!" Ann said, while slipping the sweet in her mouth, and putting the chocolate away for later.

"I know you want to get settled into your new home, Ann, but we have to stop by some shops. I need to get some groceries for home. Is that all right?" asked Kelly. "We'll do whatever you need to do," Ann said.

They headed off to the food store, and bought cheese, carrots, tomatoes, Neggs, eggs, broccoli, apples, ice cream, and chicken. "I think that's enough," said Kelly. "That will be 72 NP please," said the Chia. Kelly handed the Chia 75 NP and grabbed the bag. "Keep the change, and thanks!" Kelly and Ann headed home.

When they arrived home, Kelly showed Ann her room. It was completely done, with a cute little Turdle sitting on her dresser. "Thank you so much, Kelly. I love it!!" said Ann. "You're welcome Ann," said Kelly.

They then went to the bank, because Kelly wanted to enroll Ann in school again. She said to the banker, "I'd like to take 1500 NP out of my account please."

"But that's your whole account. Are you sure?" asked the Banker. Kelly said yes. She enrolled Ann in school, and the next day, Ann hopped on the bus.

Ann came home with an invitation. "Well now, what's this?" asked Kelly. "I got invited to a party! It's for Sandra!!"

"Oh, that's nice honey! We'll go over to the Money Tree and pick out a present." They went to the Money Tree and picked out the nicest thing there. It was A tie-dye lipstick, and the gold paint on the cover was a little worn off, but that was OK. Ann polished and polished, wrapped it up, and went to the party.

She arrived at the party. She danced with her friends, ate cake, and played games.

"Time to open presents!" yelled Sandra. She opened Harmony's present first. I was a pack of faeries! Then Bloomie's present, which was A Super Duper Scooter and a Stuffed Green Acara toy. Then came Ann's. Sandra opened it and looked in disgust.

"What is this supposed to be, Ann?"

"I-it's a lipstick," Ann said quietly.

"What a piece of JUNK!" Sandra yelled as she threw the lipstick at Ann.

Ann started to cry, and called Kelly to pick her up. Everyone started chanting, "Raggedy-Ann!!! Raggedy-Ann!!!" Kelly picked Ann up, and Ann told Kelly everything. Kelly just told Ann, "Well, don't worry about being called that anymore, because my stock in the stock market just went up, and we got 1,000,000 NP!"

They then went home, bought some rose wine, and Ann invited her real friends that she made at the pound to come and have a party. This time, there were no presents. Just real friends.

The End