The Alien Aisha Rogue: Part Two

As they were walking spots of cold air seem to appear out of nowhere...

by outrageous7

The Incredible Quests of Mystery Isle: Part Three

Below them, a twinkling village in red and green smiled up at them. Tiny little men and woman raced around with little packages...

by sweet_yum_yum

The Last Bowl of Soup: Part Two

We are poor, no doubt about it, but it should never, and I mean never come to this.

by Littlestarfaerie

NEFF Adventures: Parts Three and Four

The three arrived and went straight to the mystic's hut. They arrived at a ten story mansion that had a golden and silver lining.

by mkjagz

The Neopian Adventure: Part Four

Long ago, there was a time when all creatures awaited this day in peace, knowingly, and silently.

by _drake_

Prypha and Merfeud: Part Three

Fantastic! I was starting to doubt you, Icarden, but your loyalty to me has made this a success!

by avidwriter88

Sense of Fate II: Part Four

WHAP! Ultima999 is thrown against the ugly Chia Statue, which is knocked over and breaks.

by Ultima999