This Is How It Feels

by wynd_chymz

"Hi! My name is Spellborn the Wocky and I am here to tell you about being abandoned. In my story, you will hear about when I was younger, life in the pound, and wonderful wynd_chymz who saved me from that wretched place. Please, take the time to read!"

One bright morning, I was eating a juicy Green Apple for breakfast. As I munched and crunched on this juicy Apple, (which tasted surprisingly delicious this morning....) My owner came in. He told me that he would like to go to the Neopian Park and wondered if I wanted to go with him. I told him while chewing on my breakfast, that I would love to and that I would meet him outside in a minute. My owner smiled and then looked terribly sad and walked out the door and sat on the steps of our large house. I took a last bite out of my apple and my sister, Dreamseeker2000 came in and said to me that I was going to get it. I asked her, "What do you mean!" She told me about my stinky owner's plan to abandon me. I frowned and told her not to say anything to my mean owner about me knowing. My sister was easy to trust. I smiled at her and headed for the door.

As I was about to open it I looked back at Dreamy (my sister's nickname) and saw that she was starting to cry. I walked up to her, hugged her and said that I would see her around Neopia and tell my other sister, Starsweeper67, that I send my love. I smiled and made a goofy face to cheer her up. Dreamy smiled and waved good-bye as I walked out the door.


I walked sadly beside my owner as we approached the park. I finally asked him what was the matter and he pointed to the bench. I jumped onto the bench and nuzzled him as he sat down. He told me about him not being able to afford three pets anymore and that was the reason why he was on this long, dreadful walk with me. (At least it seemed like it was long and dreadful!) He also told me that he did not know anyone who wanted a Wocky like me. I frowned sadly and sat up.

"WHY EXACTLY ARE YOU DOING THIS!' I screamed. "I know that you are lying! Just tell me the darn truth!" My silly old owner sat down and remained silent for a while.

"I think that Wockies are dumb," he said. "ESPECIALLY YOU!" This time he said it more firmly. He grabbed me by my tail and started dragging me toward a tall, red brick building. I was crying, actually sobbing. We entered the large building and walked up, past a cheerful bright blue desk to a ugly black desk and my owner dropped me and walked up to and ugly, fat lady with a dress as that looked bright and cheery, but I could tell that the person wearing it wasn't NEARLY as cheery as her dress. With teary eyes I looked up at the desk. The old lady looked at me and frowned. I looked at the name plate, place crooked on the black desk. "Ms. Worley" I read aloud to myself. I looked back up at my owner and saw that he was placing 80 Neopoints on her desk. The old lady smiled selfishly and fanned out the money as if she was playing cards. My owner looked cruelly at me and picked me up by my tail (again) and dragged me past an old, rusty looking door into a room filled with teary-eyed pets. My owner smiled greedily at me, opened a empty cage, and threw me in as if I were a broken Green Poogle Toy.

As my owner stormed out of the filthy room I started to sob. How could this happen! I was so good to him, obeying every order....wait, why am I acting like this! My owner didn't want me from the start! He never even finished creating me until 5 months past! I disliked that man all my life. I am glad he took me here. And as my mind filled with contempt for all Neopian owners that had abandoned there pets, with heavy eyelids, I fell asleep, lying in a corner of that dreadful place with my heart filled with sorrow for pets. When I woke up the next day, I walked around the small, horrible cage, and noticed that there was a small, dirty pillow in the very very back corner of the cage. I made my way toward it when I heard a voice.

"Newcomer, aye?" It startled me and as I turned around I lost my balance and stumbled over. I stood up quickly. I looked over to my left and I saw through the iron bars that there was another Wocky, more cheerful then the others. I told him that my owner had left me here last night. As I told him my story, I noticed that it was very kind.

"My name is Balthazar. What is yours?" I noticed that from his voice he was a male.

"Spellborn," I replied.

He told me that I had an enchanting name and that he liked it a lot. I told him thank you. After that we remained silent. A few hours later he told me how his owner left him here. It was a sad story and I could barely stand it but I listened anyway. Later on that day, A beautiful women came into the pound followed by Ms. Worley. The women was gazing at all the pets and her eyes stopped on me. "I'll take this one." Ms. Worley walked over to me and opened my cage. "Scat!" she screeched and I scurried over underneath the women's dress. The women picked me up gingerly and told me that her name was wynd_chymz but I could call her Wyndie. I smiled with glee and then stared sadly at Balthazar. A small tear trickled down his cheek as Wyndie walked out of the room with me. As we walked to the Adoption desk, a Blumaroo quickly called us over to his desk. Ms. Worley stuck her tongue out at the Blumaroo as he chuckled and told Wyndie that his charge was 50 Neopoints. Wyndie happily handed the sweet Blumaroo his money and happily skipped out of the room with me in her warm arms.

When we reached home I met all of my new sisters and had a lovely supper and went to sleep in a cozy bed. I love this life! I told myself. But in my heart I knew I belonged with my one true love...that was Balthazar and he was still at the pound.

2 Years Later...

I was officially grown now, and I was able to go shopping by myself. As I roamed the wonderful streets of Neopia, I saw a familiar face. Could it be? As I walked to a shop window, I pretended I was not staring at him, but I thought...no, wait, I knew who it was. It was a handsome Blue Wocky with a black T-shirt on. I kept on staring at the familiar figure and he finally looked at me. It was like our eyes locked together. He approached me, and we stood gazing at each other.

"Oh, I am sorry ma'am. I did not mean to disturb you!" And the handsome Wocky blushed.

"Balthazar?!" I exclaimed.

"Oh my lord..." he said.

"Spellborn!" He jumped with joy and hugged me. We stood there for at least five minutes and decided to take it to the park. We sat on a bench and discussed our lives and soon, he asked me to marry him. This happened after a few weeks, months actually of dating. I could not believe it and told him I would have to ask my owner; Wyndie.

As I entered my house I ran to Wyndie and told her the great news. "OH MY GOSH!!!!!!!!!" she cried. "Yes you may," she said. Wyndie told me that she had some spare Neopoints (quite a few) and she could buy us the house for sale next door. So in time, Balthazar and I got married and moved into Wyndie's spare house.

The next wonderful thing happened to me quickly; I had a few children and raised them with Balthazar. We are still together to this day with our young babies and living a happy life--all thanks to Wyndie. So you see, I went through a rough time at that adoption center and even though it turned out with a happy ending; My old owner shouldn't have done that.

So, you people that have abandoned pets recently, Please go get them back! They are going through a rough time there and some other caring owner might adopt them. Those pets still care for you for a short time, so PLEASE! For my husband's, babies', Wyndies', everybody's sake, Go Get Them!

The End