MaTricie's Crush

by metheprettyone

MaTricie glided along the water, her sailboat skimming through the water with ease. Her fur rustled back as the wind blew, she had a shimmering smile on her striped face. MaTricie's beautiful maroon eyes shone brightly like the sun's reflection on the waves. Soon her sailboat began to slow and she hopped into the salty water of the Neopian ocean, which was right above Maraqua. Her eyes shifted down, spotting the enormous undersea village that had seaweed and coral sprouting around it. She smiled and kept on swimming through the calm waters, watching Peophins splash and play. A sting on her cheek reminded her of a recent problem she encountered…she thought back.

MaTricie had been searching around the woods near Neopia Central, hoping to find a friend or so. Soon she became lost and couldn't find her way around. She started to whimper and stumbled into a handsome fire Wocky, whose handsome features startled her mind. Her mind began to block out the sounds of the night and her eyes focused on the fire Wocky. She swore she could hear soft romantic music she heard from her TV, but it wasn't real. He spoke, but her daze was so dense that she had to shake her head vigorously before being able to hear what he was saying. His voice was like thunder and his eyes were the moon itself.

"Are you lost?" he asked MaTricie, who was still dazed a bit.

"Oh, um...I am lost...I was looking around and..." MaTricie stammered, looking at her feet embarrassed. She crushed a brown leaf to the ground with her paw.

Suddenly, the fire Wocky lifted her head with his paw and smiled."Need help then? I know these woods like the back of my paw!" he piped.

MaTricie nodded, "How can I refuse?" she thought.

She followed him through the forest, trying to keep up. "My name is Rokell! Who are yo-" he said but looked at MaTricie's jewel collar and smiled. "MaTricie, eh? That's a pretty name. Nice to meet you, MaTricie" MaTricie blushed, amazed at Rokell's keen charm.

"Oh yeah, I am MaTricie! I guess this thing must come in handy then!" she mumbled, her eyes on Rokell.

"Well, I can only lead you this far. Can you make it?" asked Rokell. He pointed to the path ahead which was familiar to MaTricie

"Yes, I can. Thank you, Rokell! Maybe we can meet up sometimes," MaTricie stammered. She thought that was foolish and dashed off, leaving Rokell.

When MaTricie arrived home she was fed and sent to sleep for it was late. She thought about Rokell and whimpered. She doubted Rokell would like her but a Wocky can still wish. She dozed off into sleep, her sleep soundless.

She spent her time for a few days thinking about him and called him once and found he liked her a bit...but it wasn't enough to start anything. He told her he'd like to be friends maybe more but not at the moment.

She awoke with the sun in her pretty face, causing her to duck underneath her covers. She remembered Rokell and rushed down to snatch a Danish bacon strip, a streaky slab of bacon, slice of bread, and a yummy tomato. She ate them fast and dashed off into the woods to where she was a few days before. She looked around hoping to find Rokell. She saw a black figure and rushed over to find that it was a ghost! MaTricie whimpered out loudly when she was thrown across the forest floor by the terrible ghoul (who didn't like the fact that a Wocky had tripped into him). She was about to watch as he was going to kick her with whatever 'feet' he had when Rokell spat out a fire ball at the ghost and saved her! MaTricie was so happy when she saw Rokell and sprung up to hug him when she saw a female stone Wocky beside him. MaTricie tucked her ears back. She smiled at him and rushed out of the woods, tripping over roots and things like that trying to leave quickly.

Tears streamed down her cheek as she walked towards her house with scrapes and scratches on her. Thistles were in her beautiful mane and made her looks old and scraggly. She limped into her house with a frown and flopped onto her bed trying not to cry. Immediately a little white Cybunny, her sister Serina645 trotted into her room and nudges her, trying to comfort her crying sister.

"Trice what is wrong? Is it a guy problem?" asked Serina, compassionately.

"I am not loved. I will never find anyone!" she screamed, hoping not to hurt her sister. Serina hugs her sister and looks into her eyes.

"Trice, there are days where you feel like that and you think bad about yourself. You should be proud of who you are and never give up hope! Remember, you are my sister and all so I look up to YOU!" lectured Serina with hope,"But I should leave you to organise your thoughts, if you need to talk just call for me."

MaTricie spent days moping about, feeling terrible and sad. She felt like the whole of Neopia didn't like her! She noticed how her family and friends treated her nicely and felt a least bit better though she still cried at night. But over weeks, MaTricie began to heal her physical and mental scars. She began to look happier and her attitude became cheery once more. Her wounds left nothing, though a thistle left a painful reminder on MaTricie cheek leaving a scar. She realized it wasn’t Rokell's fault but it was her fault for not having noticed that he wanted to just be friends. Though she was heartbroken, MaTricie decided to move on. She started to spend time out on the ocean, which brings us here.

MaTricie blinked a few times, washing away the memory that seemed so recent. She crawled back onto the boat a whistled. In a moment a little group of happy Peophins pulls her sailboat to the dock and wave their flippers when they reach it. MaTricie waves her paw back and turns to the sun. She smiles, but feels like something is missing from her life, something that needs to be replaced...but she doesn't let it get her down. As long as she has her life, she will be happy.

The End