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Neopets TCG

Neopets TCG - Return of Dr. Sloth Staff Tournament

It's the return of the Neopets TCG Staff Tournament. This time it's going to be a constructed game including the Return of Dr. Sloth cards. We will also try and tell you more about the kind of decks we are playing and the strategy we use.

Rules | First Round | Second Round | Third Round | Finals | Your Votes

The Rules

  • Each player should have a minimum of forty cards, and ten basic Neopets (just like it says in the rules).

  • The First Round (18 people) will consist of 18 matches, best 2 of 3. (each player plays 2 matches). The 8 players with the best records will proceed to the second round. (It was 19 matches, but Number 6 was mysteriously vaporised before he could play any of his matches.)
  • The Quarter Finals (8 people) will consist of 4 matches, best 3 of 5.
  • The Semi Finals (4 people) will consist of 2 matches, best 3 of 5.
  • The Finals (2 people) will be a best 4 of 7 series.