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A Little Grey

Let's get a tan...

by starrkitty03

A NeoQuest 2 Story

You are attacked by a deranged Wocky!

by nancy_kelpie

And The Meepits Outgrabe

Nothing like having parasites in your diet.

by kittylin

At The Groomers

Join the two Lupes, Francois and his sister, Tatiana, on their trip to the groomer... who happens to be...

by tophole

Caricits Blunders

I can find something for you to do...

by debutterfly21

Cherished Memories

Look what I drew, Mommy!

by 69crazy_horse69

Even More Snowager Makeovers

Behold! The king of the massive pile of keychains!

by harper_1618

Giving's Cafe

Those... were for my grandma...

by random_joy

Jelly Woes

You are what you eat. Or is it the other way around?

by imogenweasley


It's no picnic...

by bunnyluvr991

Luupine #2

How original...

by black_spiral


Never sleep through a random event...

by meowth4

Nonsensical Verbiage

The Golden Pteri will never even notice...

by laurensama

Pick a Paw

Le Poof!

by dragon_heart_101

Rational Lunacy

"A Scary Story"

by tambourine_chimp

Really Confused

"About A NeoBoard Friend"

by stoneman3x

Rock Pool Rascals

KauKau Kapers

by leptonychotes

Room For Two

Back to school time!

by child_dragon

Ryka the Green Lupe

Don't paint your Kiko sponge...

by rykaluv444

Spooky: Trophy Trouble -- Part 1

Neopia's coolest trophy.

by ghostkomorichu

Starry Stuff

What are you going to do, huh?

by marilltachiquin

Sutek Muffin

All this pink is seriously wigging me out...

by thegreenmooseofdoom

T3h Praedius

The often feared question asked by young Neopets...

by arttimo

The Meerca Siblings

#6: Keep Out

by comedian872001

Trophy Troubles

Help! It's the Lava Ghoul!

by precious_katuch14

Warphole #5

This is it! Step right on in...

by fostic_popcorn

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Playing to the Beat

I have been playing on Neopets for a while, but recently I discovered a wonderful aspect of it that I had never noticed before. Usually when I play my favorite games I turn off the speakers and put on the country music station. Then, one day, I forgot to turn off my speakers...

Other Stories


An Attempt At Cooking
After lunch that afternoon Ramoose began thinking about the fact that no member of his family could actually cook well.

by charmedhorses


Betrayal and Strife
The Peophin snorted at the Neopet's action. Everyone thought he was a monster, something that would kill anything it laid its eyes upon, but he wasn't.

by thecougar400


Grumpy Old King
So after his kingdom had been destroyed by the forces of Darigan, now what? Shouldn't there be other things to do to make him happy besides telling jokes?

by kitty_catz_rule


100 Ways to Become Famous
#80. Play games constantly until you get a high score; you'll get neomails, trust me.

by joey200010


The Good Days: Part One
"Now groom my mane and put on my makeup! NOW!"

by puzz1ed


Of Lights from Within: Part One
At last, Alli caught sight of her baby brother lying on the ground with his arms and paws covering a large and somewhat rusty item.

by blubblub317

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