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Continued Series

Birthday Banditry: Part Four

I trudged out of my room, holding my nose. Once in the living room, I saw the lumpy forms of Terzin and Alysoun taking shelter within their sleeping bags. Yes, the smell was that bad.

by apollo_lunar

Eternal Spirit: Part Four

Druba sighed. "Keena, I honestly don't know how much farther I'll be able to go."

by erileen

Hunt for Cadima: Part Two

"Now, Koro, I may not know where the satiki-isledi is, but I know that you know. Now, please, tell us what is wrong, dear skarco of Cadima. You're her apprentice; by circumstances you should know what did happen to her."

by cruzerchic123

Mystery of the Neolodge: Part Seven

"Hey, Agent Kenton, I think I found some kind of vent…" Agent Kenton flew up next to TigerWing and tried to pry off the metal piece.

by playmobil_is_my_life

Pishicu and the Wisdom Council: Part Four

"You said I couldn't go with you, but you never said anything about me following you, Terskun..."

by chipster33

The Haunted Woods Secret: Part Three

After he left the Library he headed straight for the Food Shop. Just the thought of the food that was being sold in the Haunted Woods made him feel sick to his stomach.

by meowth4

The MAGAX Chronicles: Part Two

"We are urging people and pets to stay inside-" Magax looked longingly at the family, which was made up of a woman and two pets, a Lupe and a Chia, amusingly enough.

by grimpixie

The Mystery of the Stolen Gem: Part Three

"Maybe someone put it in the wrong boot?" Torissa suggested, trying to prove her intelligence. "Maybe they were mad at you. Maybe you took something of theirs and they wanted to get you back." Everyone looked at Amianale.

by ridergirl333

The Rainbow Pearls: Part Two

"Just a party!" she squealed. "This is one of the biggest social events any girl my age would dream of going to! Plus, Rina's my best friend--"

by einstein20

Windstorm: Part Five

"Now," said Terzin, "This time we're all going together. I suggest we all hold paws and allow Aly and I to navigate the currents..."

by sara_mossflower

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