White Weewoos don't exist. *shifty eyes* Circulation: 81,826,882 Issue: 154 | 20th day of Hiding, Y6
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100 Ways to Become Famous

#80. Play games constantly until you get a high score; you'll get neomails, trust me.

by joey200010

52 Days Neopia Should Never Add

17. Indecisive Day- I can't make up my mind on what to write here.

by dan4884

A Fine Day at the Lab Ray

This ingenious invention can be found by collecting all 9 pieces of the Lab map, then surrendering them to the Treasure Maps game in the Puzzles section of the Game Room...

by precious_katuch14

Brightvale vs. Meridell

If you haven't noticed yet, they are both green. Meridell and Brightvale both have shops, games and the names rhyme.

by shadowcristal

Brightvale: The Land of Knowledge

On the 12th day in the month of Hiding, a brand new world was released into Neopia: a new world that promises peace and knowledge...

by playmobil_is_my_life

Dear Roxy: No Longer Accepting Dinner Invitations

I certainly had quite an adventure last Friday night. I was invited out dinner by a fellow co-worker who I shall not name.

by roxycaligirl101

Getting Stuffed About Stuffing Stuff In Your Mouth!

What is the greatest danger in Neopia? Who or what is bent on world domination?

by sparky63428

Grumpy Old King

So after his kingdom had been destroyed by the forces of Darigan, now what? Shouldn't there be other things to do to make him happy besides telling jokes?

by kitty_catz_rule

Neopets Music Guide

Forget the big stars on the radio; soon it will be Neopets topping the charts!

by belgiumardennes

Of Rotten Cheese, Helium Balloons, Wild Birthdays, and Fyora Knows What More!

First off, you've got to invite TONS of people and pets for the party! And when I mean tons, I MEAN IT!

by blubblub317

One Hundred Reasons Why Sloth is Better then Hannah

So Sloth, the greatest villain ever to walk the face of Neopia, why are you so unhappy that you ripped the heads off of all the Hannah from the Pirate Caves plushies?

by jesse12_3

The Peadackle’s Call

I happen to live out in the country with my Uni, Indipsi, and a favorite sound of mine is the daily call of our Peadackle. It seems to feel that it's duty is to wake us up at the crack of dawn each morning.

by charmedhorses

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Playing to the Beat

I have been playing on Neopets for a while, but recently I discovered a wonderful aspect of it that I had never noticed before. Usually when I play my favorite games I turn off the speakers and put on the country music station. Then, one day, I forgot to turn off my speakers...

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An Attempt At Cooking
After lunch that afternoon Ramoose began thinking about the fact that no member of his family could actually cook well.

by charmedhorses


Betrayal and Strife
The Peophin snorted at the Neopet's action. Everyone thought he was a monster, something that would kill anything it laid its eyes upon, but he wasn't.

by thecougar400


The Good Days: Part One
"Now groom my mane and put on my makeup! NOW!"

by puzz1ed


Of Lights from Within: Part One
At last, Alli caught sight of her baby brother lying on the ground with his arms and paws covering a large and somewhat rusty item.

by blubblub317


A Little Grey
Let's get a tan...

by starrkitty03


It's no picnic...

by bunnyluvr991

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