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To add a little variety these questions were taken from a Neoboard created in the Ideas/Suggestions forum. Thanks to everyone who posted and sorry if I didn't answer all your questions.

What items were retured from the Hidden Tower earlier this week?
Three were retired in total - Ghostkersword, Fyora's Looking Glass and Little Timmy's Slingshot.

Can lab map pieces be removed? Please? So that we can switch them onto different accounts for the lab ray... - Sgt_twistable
No, you cannot remove lab map pieces. If we did allow this it would seriously devalue map pieces and make the lab ray much too easy to get to.

o_O Why won't they bring the general chat back? - Duckyschataccount
The removal of general chat was a hotly debated topic within the office. We are thinking of a way to give back a miscelleneous Neopets-related chat area so people who just want to chat about random things to do with Neopets (note dating and other things that are not allowed on Neopets will NEVER be allowed anywhere on Neopets ever). We will keep you updated with this on New Features.

My question is how does Adam have all these cool pets and over 11 million NP while you only have above 30K? - Tommay4ever
That's because Adam cheats :) (joking) Basically Adam has all that stuff in his account from randomly testing games, paintbrushes and other activities. I don't really use my account that much anymore so it remains poor.

On the Whack a Staff member game is one of the guys doing a gary coleman impersonation? It sounds like "what you talkin bout willis" but I can never hear the end cause I'm too busy smacking people with my imaginary hammer. - Moonshine_gurl20011
I think so. I am not really sure as we didn't get that show in the UK but I think its from some US comedy show.

How come sometimes the userlookups say 'Last spotted: 6 days' when you're talking to that person? Oo; Will that ever be fixed? - Bakurachan
Yes. Actually we just recoded that today and it should be a whole lot more accurate. Make sure you log in and out when you play as this is what updates the last seen.

Is it at all possible 2 make some Fyora shopkeepers? She is the Faerie Queen after all! - Aisha1angel1
Ooh wow, there is only ONE Fyora shopkeeper! We must fix this right away!

Are Ruki's supposed to look like grasshoppers, locusts, or praying mantises? Oo;; - Bakurachan
We were more going with the Mantis idea when we designed it but they do sort of look like all three.

I love Kacheeks/ Will you please make Grey and Darigan kacheeks! - Birdbait
Ok, ok. They have been added in to my to do list :)

Do tnt read all the caption contest entries? Because I put some in there and I think they are pretty funny lol ...just wondering.. - Luda_kim
In absolute honesty we cannot read every single caption submitted, there just isnt enough time between contests. For a typical contest we read between 3-4,000 entries and post the best ones from those. That is why you should not be disheartened if your caption is not chosen the first time you submit it. Keep trying each contest and you will be chosen.

Why are the new tower items so many NPS.. - Sillyonesnape
Hidden Tower items are always really expensive. These new ones are not by any means the most expensive items on sale there.

Hey Donna, how come your lookup says 56 months but your status says 57? O_o; - Bakurachan
Wow, lots of questions. I had our programmers look into this and there appears to be two dates stored for some accounts. Once we figure out which one is the correct one to use all accounts will be set to that figure. (Most likely the older date).

How do you figure out the score to earn an avie.. for the game avies? Do you take an average score? or just flop out a number that makes ya happy? Im not that great at games... -- - Sillyonesnape
The score we choose really depends on how challenging we want to make getting the avatar. We mostly go from the high score list and work out the score from there. For example if we want to make an easy avatar we will make it lower than the lowest score on the high score table.

Why cant your Neopets wear the clothes you buy them....?? I think you should make that It'd be cool - Luda_kim
The clothes shop was implemented when we envisioned Neopets to be an awful lot different to how it actually turned out. Now I am not really sure how we could let you see clothes on your Neopet. Unless we made each item of clothing specific to a certain species as each type of pet and in some cases each colour would need a very different image just to get a plain white t-shirt to fit them. This is something we would like to do, but I am not sure it is feasible.

Why did the price for the wheel of knowledge change from 100 NP to 500 NP? - Dougles_e_pugsley
The wheel doesn't have a booby prize as such and actually offers some pretty nice prizes so we had to raise the cost.

What do you have to do to score an trophy on DECKBALL? I've scored 280pts. and 300pts. but never got one. I've played survival/captain level and nothing. - Gsschan2004
It should be just a normal high score listing. I will double check that this is the case.

Will we ever be able to have more than four neopets - Dougles_e_pugsley
At the moment no, but it is not something we will completely rule out for the future.

Why cant I go to the french board on this account but on the other account I can? - Iopppp
You should be able to switch languages by using the drop down in the yellow toolbar. It has nothing to do with the language you set up your account with. If you have tried the drop down and it is not working for you, please submit a bug report with more details of what errors you received.

Is there a limit to how many pages of boards you can have? - Calimora
Yes, there is a limit of 500 posts per topic, at 50 posts per page that is a max of 10 pages.

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