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New Series

A New Start: Part One

Pudding was in deep thought as she sat on the log. How did the Krawk find them? And more importantly, how did he know her last name?

by jesse12_3

Darkness Binding 2: Part One

"I've been having trouble with all this. You're the local expert on this stuff, so tell me if I'm killing the shadow and why I can't get a decent night's sleep."

by nomad2

Of Lights from Within: Part One

At last, Alli caught sight of her baby brother lying on the ground with his arms and paws covering a large and somewhat rusty item.

by blubblub317

The Good Days: Part One

"Now groom my mane and put on my makeup! NOW!"

by puzz1ed

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Playing to the Beat

I have been playing on Neopets for a while, but recently I discovered a wonderful aspect of it that I had never noticed before. Usually when I play my favorite games I turn off the speakers and put on the country music station. Then, one day, I forgot to turn off my speakers...

Other Stories


An Attempt At Cooking
After lunch that afternoon Ramoose began thinking about the fact that no member of his family could actually cook well.

by charmedhorses


Betrayal and Strife
The Peophin snorted at the Neopet's action. Everyone thought he was a monster, something that would kill anything it laid its eyes upon, but he wasn't.

by thecougar400


Grumpy Old King
So after his kingdom had been destroyed by the forces of Darigan, now what? Shouldn't there be other things to do to make him happy besides telling jokes?

by kitty_catz_rule


100 Ways to Become Famous
#80. Play games constantly until you get a high score; you'll get neomails, trust me.

by joey200010


A Little Grey
Let's get a tan...

by starrkitty03


It's no picnic...

by bunnyluvr991

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