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Your questions answered!

Read the answers to the most commonly asked Neopets questions this week in the Editorial section. Each week the most popular questions will be answered by one of the creators of Neopets, so keep checking back to stay updated.

Quote of the Week

"You could count on the Warfs, Puppyblews, and mallards to follow you wherever, but the Angelpi were little princes and princesses that expected to be carried wherever they went. Unless there was food, in which case their wings suddenly seemed to start working."

The Weirdest Petpets in Neopia

While most users opt for standard, conventional Petpets for their pets, there are those who have tastes that are more strange and unusual. For instance, what if you don’t want a Petpet at all… but an item instead? Or, perhaps you want to acquire an older Petpet to be a companion to your younger pet! If those options don’t satiate your desire for eccentricity, maybe you would like Petpets with “vintage” artwork? If rarity intrigues you, then the rarest Petpets… err, trading cards… in all of Neopia will surely pique your interest! However, if you have a desire for the spontaneous and random, you’d definitely like the lab-exclusive Petpets! But, maybe you’d just like a Petpet that fills you with nostalgia and reminds you of the good times it came from. No matter how weird, wild, odd, or strange your Petpet preferences are, we’ve got you covered. Prepare to embark on a comprehensive journey through every category of weird Petpets in Neopia! Item Petpets Some of the strangest Petpets that have made their home within Neopia are known as glitch Petpets. These are Petpets that can’t be attached normally, and, for the most part, are no longer able to be obtained. Glitch Petpets were never intended to be released, and most are the result of coding errors. Based on editorial posts, TNT is aware of these Petpets' existence.

Unique Hues This Petpet Appreciation Day!

Christine: Hi! Everyone loves Petpets, don’t they? Angie: Anything that doesn’t bite. Christine: Well, there are plenty of loveable Petpets out there who wouldn’t hurt a fly, along with some vicious ones. This Petpet Appreciation Day, minds across Neopia turn to these interesting critters. Ella: Some are glamorous... I’ve had my Faerie Snowbunny for years. Maldice: Some are creepy, like my Mutant Clompkin. Christine: Finally, some are a unique colour which belongs only to them! Something you cannot paint. You pick them up as they are! Angie: I’m confused... Give an example. Christine: Like the Apple Spyder from the Apple Bobbing game... No other Petpet can be apple-coloured at the time of writing. Angie: Oh, I see. Christine: Therefore, in honour of Petpet Appreciation Day, I have rounded up some uniquely coloured Petpets for our viewing pleasure. Without further ado, here are the Petpets: ---Apple Spyder--- Angie: Aaarrgghh!!! I know from first-hand experience that Spyders bite. Maldice: That’s why he’s in a cage. Don’t stick your fingers in, and you’ll be fine. Angie: True, but he’s still scary... Christine: As I said before, the Apple Spyder is a prize from the Apple Bobbing game in the Haunted Woods. However, you are better off buying it off of the Shop Wizard for mere pocket change, as the Apple Bobbing game can have negative effects as well.

Most Common Petpet Based on Where You Live In Neopia

Yes, we know you love Kadoaties—it is, after all, the most popular Petpet in Neopia since Y3 and running (followed by Cyodrakes and Snowickles to round out the top three), according to Neopian Journalists. Did you know that's just the "popular vote"? When you break it down to each region in Neopia, and who actually owns what, it's surprisingly a whole different story. Altador Yooyu Altador, the land of the Neopians who graciously host our beloved Altador Cup. Each year the Neopians there treat me so kindly, despite what team I have chosen! Speaking of the Altador Cup, there should be little to no surprise here as to why most Neopet's choose to rock a Yooyu all year round. While they may be painted all different colours to support their chosen team, it is clear that Yooyu's are all the outrage from the moment you step hoof and paw into Altador. Brightvale Royal Vullard If it is one thing Brightvale loves, that would most definitely be the colour green. And if there is one other thing Brightvale loves, that is their castle and all things royal. No questions asked here, the Royal Vullard makes perfect sense to me as to why that is the most common Petpet over at Brightvale.

Other Stories
"Yooyu are Appreciated" by swordlilly
The lines at the slushie stand seemed never-ending. Cheryl Shelly the Red Tuskaninny slid from machine to customer, customer to machine, endlessly: Zeenana slush, Jumbleberry slush, Chokato, green pink blue pink green blue blue. Sometimes, when she was hours into her shift, it seemed to her as if all the customers who came were just three individuals, copied over and over. One roared impatiently, with green slits for eyes and a very wide mouth. One frowning, purple and disgruntled, puffing. And one pink-fisted, moving forward demanding, demanding. Cheryl served them all with the plastic smile she'd been taught to paste on her face. Her hands were sticky with the slush that inevitably spilt from time to time, and she washed them during the breaks that never seemed long enough. The ache in her arms and waist was always worst at the start, but after enough time had passed she no longer felt it. Same with the scent of the fruit and the whir of the machines - annoying at first, but finally just a constant in the atmosphere, a hum, barely perceptible. When would the shift end? Her eyes drifted upward. Why was there a change in the air? The hum was receding. There was a beeping sound..

"Grave Danger - A Story" by greencheese79
The sun stood just above the tree-lined horizon, trying in vain to break through the grey Neovian sky. This made Plushie, a Plushie Doglefox, feel uneasy, but her Master seemed unhindered in his stride as he lead her towards large wooden doors. He spoke to her calmly and exchanged a few words, many of which she did not understand. Then he gave her a pat on the head and sent her down into the catacombs. She was apprehensive at first, but scores of other Petpets were flooding in without their Masters. But what was this place? Some sort of daycare she guessed. She followed the crowd down a dark, damp and narrow concrete staircase. Many smells emitted from the dank room they entered, evidently from several of the doorways lining the walls. She watched as Petpets scattered in all directions. She remained still, uncertain about what to do. A Mazzew stood next to her, looking equally as perplexed. “Your first time?” The Mazzew said. “The name’s Scout.” “I’m Plushie,” Plushie answered. “What is this place? Kinda creepy for a daycare.” “Yeah. I’ve never been anywhere like this before. It looks like it’s falling apart,” Scout said. A wad of green slime oozed down from the ceiling.

"Two of a Kind" by 77thbigby
“Over here, Parker!” Lonalee looked over her shoulder to see a big Grarrl coming her way, a Christmas Niptor keeping pace beside him. Grarrls weren’t common on Mystery Island either as natives or tourists, but Lonalee wasn’t intimidated by his big size or bigger teeth. The Grarrl and Niptor stopped short as they saw her. “Oh, we weren’t expecting anyone else out here. Is it okay if we join you? This is me and Parker’s first time on Mystery Island and I wanted to get a good view of the place before exploring some more.” He spoke Common with only the hint of an accent Lonalee couldn’t quite place. “Sure! It’s not like the view belongs to me and there’s plenty of room. My name’s Lonalee by the way and this is-” the young Island Kougra broke off her introduction as she realized that her Petpet had disappeared. She gave the Grarrl a sheepish look. “Just a sec!” She headed for the nearest undergrowth. The Grarrl and his Petpet had taken them by surprise. Her Babith had taken great strides in overcoming his species’ natural timidity but seeing two big, intimidating strangers come upon them without warning had been too much for him to handle. Thankfully, he never ran far, and it didn’t take long for her to find him. “Hey, everything’s gonna be alright.

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