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Your questions answered!

Read the answers to the most commonly asked Neopets questions this week in the Editorial section. Each week the most popular questions will be answered by one of the creators of Neopets, so keep checking back to stay updated.

Quote of the Week

An eerie glow can be seen through some of the panes and you spot a cracked sign written with an ornate spidery scrawl: Lambie’s Solarium-Mutants, Misfits and Miscreants Welcome. You aren’t sure if you necessarily fit into any of those categories but decide to take them up on the “welcome” part. The large bolt on the gnarled wooden door unlatches with a little coaxing and a large creak. Once inside you remember why you initially sought this place as a soft warmth envelopes you. You look around and let your eyes adjust to the light mist that blankets the space as you ponder over the cacophony of croaks, chittering and peeps that fill the room. What exactly was this place?

Strawberry and Sunshine: Neopian Recipes for Summer!

It’s summer – you know what that means! I’ve got my sunhat on backwards, and I’m ready for a garden party! Or a picnic, or a camping trip, or a holiday in the sunshine. No matter what you’re doing, there’s no better backdrop to special moments this season than delicious food with fresh, seasonal ingredients! I’ve looked to some Neopian foods for recipe inspiration, and have devised how you could serve these tasty, seasonal treats at your own sunshine-packed get-togethers. However, before we begin; this is important! If you’re not old enough to be using knives, the oven or the hob on your own, ask a parent or guardian to help you. Then, when the cooking is done, you can all enjoy your spoils together out in the sunshine. What fun!

Which Popular Tourist Destination Should I Visit?

Whether you’re a first time traveller or a seasoned pro, there’s a reason why popular tourist destinations are, well, popular! Usually, a place like this has one or more of the following that makes it a desirable destination for visitors: a rich culture, stunning natural scenery, amazing Neopian-made sites and attractions, good food, some sort of event going on, ease of access, affordable, and photo ops! The factors that are important for each individual differs as we are all drawn to different things. This is especially complicated when going on a group trip with friends or family. Share this quiz with your Neopian friends and family to figure out the perfect destination most suited for your next vacation or take it yourself to determine what’s right for you.

Flying Through Volcano Run II

Any game avatar is a proof of mastery of the Games Room. Many hours of practice, sweaty palms, and maximum focus. Some would even say playing Neopets games gets them into their flow state, where they are completely immersed in an activity. Volcano Run II is no exception, as it is considered one of the most elusive game avatars. You may have always been told that practice makes perfect, an optimistic saying...but blind practice is no good. Thankfully, here's a guide to learn the basics, as well as the tips and tricks, to Volcano Run II. With the ins and outs in mind while you practice, there's no doubt hard work will get you to that avatar and trophy!

Other Stories
"A Song for You" by fallingdaybreak
It had been nearly ten years since Nagase had stepped foot back in Shenkuu. Ten years ago, the Great War of Shenkuu rocked the land to its very core, forcing a young Nagase to flee from the land he called home. But tonight, no such war tore across the land. Instead, it was a time of festivities and joy. It was July 7th, the night of the Star Festival. As the draik walked down the paved stone path, he could feel eyes on him as he walked. Nagase’s appearance was unlike any draik in Neopia. Though he retained the whiskers near his nose and the fin on his tail like most maraquan draiks, he had several other features...

"Usuki Singing Stars #48: The Great NT Mystery!" by downrightdude
Sparkles looked at the whitestone rectangular building in front of her. “Here we are, gang!” The pink Bruce exclaimed excitedly. “The worldwide headquarters for the Neopian Times! Who knows what wonders we’ll see once we step inside?” Scary sighed. “Are we going to barge in, or did we walk all the way here just to look at the ugly exterior?” asked the purple Bruce. “Hmm, do you think we should have sent a notice about our visit?” Sparkles wondered. She watched two Weewoos fly in through the front doors, both carrying a burlap mailbag...

"The Uncanny Horticulturist" by sugar_head
You make your way along the outskirts of Neovia grumbling. Your pockets feel significantly lighter after a particularly annoying turn of events at the Apple Bobbing station. Why do you insist on still visiting that shady character Bart? That fast-talking charm of his gets you every time. If your mood wasn’t foul enough, the dreary grey sky starts to dribble, adding dampness to the already chilly air. Fabulous. You shiver and continue your hike with the new goal of finding some shelter. Trekking towards the border of Neopian Central you spy the dark outline of a dome-shaped building through the trees.

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