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Short Stories

Usuki Singing Stars #48: The Great NT Mystery!

Sparkles looked at the whitestone rectangular building in front of her. “Here we are, gang!” The pink Bruce exclaimed excitedly. “The worldwide headquarters for the Neopian Times! Who knows what wonders we’ll see once we step inside?”

by downrightdude
A Song for You

An annual Shenkuu festival brings both delight and sadness to a lone draik.

by fallingdaybreak
The Uncanny Horticulturist

You make your way along the outskirts of Neovia grumbling. Your pockets feel significantly lighter after a particularly annoying turn of events at the Apple Bobbing station. Why do you insist on still visiting that shady character Bart?

by sugar_head
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Which Popular Tourist Destination Should I Visit?

Whether you’re a first time traveller or a seasoned pro, there’s a reason why popular tourist destinations are, well, popular! Usually, a place like this has one or more of the following that makes it a desirable destination for visitors: a rich culture, stunning natural scenery, amazing Neopian-made sites and attractions, good food, some sort of event going on, ease of access, affordable, and photo ops! The factors that are important for each individual differs as we are all drawn to different things. This is especially complicated when going on a group trip with friends or family. Share this quiz with your Neopian friends and family to figure out the perfect destination most suited for your next vacation or take it yourself to determine what’s right for you.

Other Stories


Strawberry and Sunshine: Neopian Recipes for Summer!
It’s summer – you know what that means! I’ve got my sunhat on backwards, and I’m ready for a garden party! Or a picnic, or a camping trip, or a holiday in the sunshine...

by shortcrust


Flying Through Volcano Run II
Any game avatar is a proof of mastery of the Games Room. Many hours of practice, sweaty palms, and maximum focus. Some would even say playing Neopets games gets them into their flow state, where they are completely immersed in an activity. Volcano Run II is no exception...

by pregnatress


Selected Volumes from Brightvale Library
In today's edition of Selected Volumes from Brightvale Library, we will be exploring "Ruling the Universe" - by Dr. Frank Sloth

by herdygerdy


The Music Box
It didn't take long until Elon found a piece of paper with The Wizard's neat handwriting sitting on his bedside table. Normally Elon would have fussed over the fact that The Wizard had apparently broken into his room, but right now he was way more interested in what the note actually said...

by eracina


Collaborative Confusion #3: Hubrid Has Happened!
I'm not superstitious, but I am a little stitious... collaboration with Chao_of_the_chaos

by 1337_masta


The Forgotten Shore
More like "the Popular Shore".

by vanillanillawafer

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