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Which Popular Tourist Destination Should I Visit?

by bobajfett


Whether you’re a first time traveller or a seasoned pro, there’s a reason why popular tourist destinations are, well, popular! Usually, a place like this has one or more of the following that makes it a desirable destination for visitors: a rich culture, stunning natural scenery, amazing Neopian-made sites and attractions, good food, some sort of event going on, ease of access, affordable, and photo ops! The factors that are important for each individual differs as we are all drawn to different things. This is especially complicated when going on a group trip with friends or family.

     Share this quiz with your Neopian friends and family to figure out the perfect destination most suited for your next vacation or take it yourself to determine what’s right for you. Regardless of where you end up, I’m sure you will find lots to see and do!

     1. What is your favourite subject in school?

     a) Science – research is important if we are to advance

     b) Art – there is beauty in everything

     c) Languages – language opens the door to so much

     d) Ancient History – we must know our past in order to know our future

     e) Geography – the world is so diverse from fiery volcanos to frozen icy land masses

     2. How would you describe your palate?

     a) I love seafood, sweet fruits, and have a special interest in delicious health foods!

     b) I enjoy anything with a fizz. Bonus points if they have wings and make me fly!

     c) Simple and a bit bland, if I’m being honest, with lots of whole foods and not much seasoning. Salt and maybe a bit of pepper?

     d) I can appreciate a colourful plate with lots of meat, dips, vegetables, and pickled things with tons of flavour and variety!

     e) I love ice cream, but I’ll eat whatever I can find.

     3. What is your favourite season?

     a) Spring – the best time is when all the flowers bloom and the air is warm and temperate

     b) I don’t really have a preference. Did you know some places don’t have so-called ‘seasons’?

     c) Autumn/Fall – when the leaves fall in a myriad of red, orange and yellow and it starts to get cosy

     d) Summer – hot nights and glowing tans

     e) Winter – snow, there’s nothing more magical than that

     4. What activity are you most interested in?

     a) Attending sporting events – big stadiums with loud crowds is my vibe as it makes me feel a sense of community when we cheer together for a common goal

     b) Flying – it’s not every day that flying is on the menu for most Neopians

     c) Visiting castles - it’s amazing how Neopians in the past built such formidable castles with the technology available back then

     d) Bargain hunting in a marketplace – I adore bazaars and street vendors where I can find unique goods

     e) Skiing and snowboarding – I enjoy sports and action-packed activities

     5. If you could describe yourself in one word, it would be:

     a) Passionate

     b) Whimsical

     c) Wise

     d) Curious

     e) Adventurous

     6. What do you consider the most interesting course in college?

     a) Astronomy – the study of celestial objects and phenomena is important to understanding not just our world, but our universe

     b) Aviation – the study of aerodynamics helps more Neopians experience the joys and benefits of flying

     c) Poetry – the study of the rhythmic qualities of language expands literature to new dimensions

     d) Archaeology – the study of material remains of the past is vital to piecing together information from long-gone societies

     e) Physiotherapy – the study of physical rehabilitation, injury prevention, and health and fitness to ensure we’re in the best shape possible

     7. Picture your ideal scenario:

     a) Stargazing on a balcony facing the sea as you are fed grapes

     b) Bathing in a natural hot spring and dancing with faeries

     c) Performing your self-written play to an enamoured audience

     d) Discovering an important ancient artefact after lots of hard work digging

     e) Successfully sneaking a nifty item from a sleeping beast

     8. Which famous Neopian would you most like to have dinner with?

     a) King Altador

     b) Fyora the Faerie Queen

     c) King Hagan

     d) Coltzan

     e) Tarla

     9. What is your favourite Neopian holiday?

     a) Valentine’s Day (Feb 14th, month of Awakening)

     b) Faerie Festival (Sept 20th, month of Gathering)

     c) Discovery of Brightvale (Aug 11th, month of Hiding)

     d) Cancelled due to a lack of interest (Mar 3rd, month of Running)

     e) Borovan Day (Dec 20th, month of Celebrating)

     Count up how many of each you selected and find out your results below.

     Mostly A – Altador
You thrive in vibrant spots with lots of energy in the atmosphere! You enjoy stimulating activities however you want to be able to slow down and enjoy the finer things in life every now and then too. The food is second to none with locally grown produce and easy access to the sea. Altador is not too hot or cold but it leans warm with some chilly nights.

     Mostly B – Faerieland

     You adore all things ethereal and the thought of flying is probably the most thrilling thing ever to you! You enjoy a slower pace of life so soaking up the beauty of Faerieland while literally soaking in the hot springs will be right up your alley. Faerieland is arguably the coolest place to take selfies and scenery photos for all your friends to see!

     Mostly C – Brightvale

     You enjoy learning and reading and see value in the simple things in life. Plus, who doesn’t enjoy a bit of educational vacationing? Not you! Brightvale has scores of literature and texts under the influence of King Hagan for you to explore and there is a healthy interest for theatre here so be sure to sign up to see a famous play or two.

     Mostly D – The Lost Desert

     You love ancient cultures and have a deep appreciation for bygone civilisations. The mystery and clues get your imagination running wild and being around ancient structures make you feel almost as if you are a part of it all. The Lost Desert is dry and hot but the nights can be bitterly cold so pack light but weatherproof clothing, sunscreen, and at least one jacket.

     Mostly E – Terror Mountain

     You are an adventure junkie with a penchant for the extremes. You’re in for a treat with abundant snow sports and activities on Terror Mountain. You may not enjoy manmade structures as much as other people but you can definitely appreciate the natural beauty of this place. It’s no secret that Terror Mountain is extremely cold and snowy so pack warm.

      The End.

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