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3D Flotsam Pop-up Card (Printable Craft)

Create your own paper Flotsam companion!

by jaylahcat
Blossoms~ A Day Out Part 3

What has you asking about Zathandria anyway?

by twillieblossom
Real Remedies at the NeoHospital Part VI

Sometimes the worst ailments have a simple solution. Collaboration with Spotsilver!

by andypopo
Just Cake #22

I m a g i n a t i o n

by flameshard
Cute Thing #2

Go Team Slushie!

by surgerkitty
Shenkuu Warriors- Important Questions

He didn't even bring his sling with him...

by mist222
{ Crowded Woods }

Some people have weird taste...

by candyplague

Just a little more to the right...

by ramotswe
Pet reactions in the sidebar

Part 4: Techo Master Also by aelli

by kadfisch
Best Neopian Achievements

Celebrating Neopian Achievements Art by Chantili_Doce

by malphd
One conundrum of a job

Are you sure this job is meant for me?

by meidorodeo
Moehug Visits Altador!

Moehug's favourite part of the Altador Cup...

by riss_chan
Hungry or Yummy???

Oh rotten cheese... yum Also by sergente__hartmann

by tante_stupfel
Tarla's Toolbar on Ixi Day

Ixi Day Collaboration with kra096frozen

by diabloartificial
The Forgotten Shore

More like "the Popular Shore".

by vanillanillawafer
TNT Boards: Part 1

Gutterfoot gets into NC trading!

by luucsg
Glory Days: Petpets

Still lame

by darkpassage
Maybe that's why he's so grumpy...

Hey you'd be grumpy too!

by molzypoo
The Ghost

Altador is haunted.

by trishabeakens
Just another Kadoatery feeding...

Oh, that makes sense now... Also by sessduh

by curlsandhairbows
Characters Featured In Neopets Games Crossword v2

Take out your pen and have fun answering this crossword.

by xlorally
Collaborative Confusion #3: Hubrid Has Happened!

I'm not superstitious, but I am a little stitious... collaboration with Chao_of_the_chaos

by 1337_masta
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"A Song for You" by fallingdaybreak
It had been nearly ten years since Nagase had stepped foot back in Shenkuu. Ten years ago, the Great War of Shenkuu rocked the land to its very core, forcing a young Nagase to flee from the land he called home. But tonight, no such war tore across the land. Instead, it was a time of festivities and joy. It was July 7th, the night of the Star Festival. As the draik walked down the paved stone path, he could feel eyes on him as he walked. Nagase’s appearance was unlike any draik in Neopia. Though he retained the whiskers near his nose and the fin on his tail like most maraquan draiks, he had several other features...

Other Stories


A Song for You
An annual Shenkuu festival brings both delight and sadness to a lone draik.

by fallingdaybreak


Usuki Singing Stars #48: The Great NT Mystery!
Sparkles looked at the whitestone rectangular building in front of her. “Here we are, gang!” The pink Bruce exclaimed excitedly. “The worldwide headquarters for the Neopian Times! Who knows what wonders we’ll see once we step inside?”

by downrightdude


Strawberry and Sunshine: Neopian Recipes for Summer!
It’s summer – you know what that means! I’ve got my sunhat on backwards, and I’m ready for a garden party! Or a picnic, or a camping trip, or a holiday in the sunshine...

by shortcrust


Flying Through Volcano Run II
Any game avatar is a proof of mastery of the Games Room. Many hours of practice, sweaty palms, and maximum focus. Some would even say playing Neopets games gets them into their flow state, where they are completely immersed in an activity. Volcano Run II is no exception...

by pregnatress


The Adventures of Armin
There was once a beast. A monster. He desired all the treasure within Terror Mountain. Hundreds of Bori lived happily within this mountain. That is, until HE came...

by dewdropzz


The Music Box
It didn't take long until Elon found a piece of paper with The Wizard's neat handwriting sitting on his bedside table. Normally Elon would have fussed over the fact that The Wizard had apparently broken into his room, but right now he was way more interested in what the note actually said...

by eracina

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