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Hello there. Now, I know it has been against the rules for the longest time to post photos of yourself for the sake of internet safety. But my question is, what about just photos of your hands? My reason for the curiosity is that I've recently started a petpage called "Today I learned..." and I would like to add a section specifically for arts and crafts. In many instances, it will be easiest to show step by step photos rather than trying to describe it all in words. It would be only my hands (No rings, tattoos or fancy nails to give away identity) Am I allowed to post photos with only my hands? ~~sirhal
Hi, sounds like a fun section and that would be allowed especially since you are taking the precautions of not having anything identifiable in the image.

Hey TNT! I have some shares that I bought some months/years ago on a side account, which I used as a temporary main while my actual main account got frozen and I was waiting for you guys to return it. My question is, is it okay to sell them and transfer the nps to my main? Or that counts as earning nps from a side account and I could get frozen from that? My common sense says that since I bought them while that account was my main it should be okay for me to wait until they're on green and sell whenever I want, but I want to make sure by asking you first. Please remove my username, thanks ~~Name Removed
Hi, Yes, you can sell your stocks on your old main and send the profits to your new main as part of the changing mains process. It wouldn’t count as earning points on a side account, since technically you were using that as your main at the time the stocks were bought.

You should sell the stocks and send the points to your new main at the same time as you are moving anything else to your new main so don’t wait but you could always keep using that as your main until you are able to sell them off and then move everything together.

First of all, thank you TNT for such a fun Altador Cup! I know it takes hard work every year to put on. The prizes are all really cute and I have enjoyed playing and spending my points. *Hands out Yooyu shaped cookies with extra frosting* The 'Meepits Pulling Wires' is adorable, and I'm thrilled it's a wearable. Question though. Could we please get a bug fix on the 'Doodle Board' please? My Ixi would love to wear it, but there are unexpected friends, a blue Aisha and red Blumaroo behind her. Please and thank you. It's a cute item! :)
Yes, this has been fixed!

I've been playing Neopets for about 15 years and I just wanted to say THANK YOU! The games have always grabbed my interest. I felt that same magic when I started Island Builders! The art and writing are top notch. The Darkest Faerie and Wand of Wishing were my favorite childhood games, and I had been eagerly awaiting the next Neopets game to have that same adventurous spark. This means so much to me - thank you TNT for your hard work!
So glad you're enjoying!

Hello! Could someone please fix the spelling for Illusen in a Snow Globe? I collect Snowglobes and all are spelled as one word. Thank You, Thank You
you got it!

Hi there! I've been a decently active member for almost 16 years and I just want to say thank you to the team for all the work that you guys do! I love coming here and being able to take a break from being an adult and have a good time. I grew up with you guys and seeing everything you do to keep the site going and growing is phenomenal! It's what keeps me coming back!
Aw so good to hear!

Hi TNT! The Sneaking Neggnapper Collectible is such an adorable (yes!) customization item but it doesn't work as intended on most backgrounds :(( It's usually either just floating off of the ground or being covered up by the higher foreground item (or worse, both!) I (and many others) would really like to utilize this negg guy in my(our) customs. Is there a chance we can get it moved a little lower? Thanks in advance!
Yes, we are working on fixing this now, should take a cool minute to sync.

The "Team Shenkuu Wrist Bands" don't show up on half my pets (Uni, Peophin, Pteri). They seem to show fine on the others (Grarrl, Flotsam, Bori). Is there an issue with the art or rendering for this item?~~yuysister01
Sure, Donny will fix those up. May take some time to sync.

Aesop Answers

Hello everyone! I just wanted to let you know that one of your fellow users will be starting a "series spotlight" project. the_reporter plans on interviewing other users who have submitted series to the Neopian Times. This is a great opportunity to highlight the series category, a section of the NT which can often be overlooked, and allow users a glimpse into the writing process of their favourite authors! Any NT authors that would like to have their series featured (or users who would just like to recommend a series to be featured) can reach out to the__reporter. via Neomail!

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