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Flying Through Volcano Run II

Any game avatar is a proof of mastery of the Games Room. Many hours of practice, sweaty palms, and maximum focus. Some would even say playing Neopets games gets them into their flow state, where they are completely immersed in an activity. Volcano Run II is no exception...

by pregnatress
Which Popular Tourist Destination Should I Visit?

Pack your bags and take this quiz to determine which popular tourist destination is best suited for you!

by bobajfett
Strawberry and Sunshine: Neopian Recipes for Summer!

It’s summer – you know what that means! I’ve got my sunhat on backwards, and I’m ready for a garden party! Or a picnic, or a camping trip, or a holiday in the sunshine...

by shortcrust
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"A Song for You" by fallingdaybreak
It had been nearly ten years since Nagase had stepped foot back in Shenkuu. Ten years ago, the Great War of Shenkuu rocked the land to its very core, forcing a young Nagase to flee from the land he called home. But tonight, no such war tore across the land. Instead, it was a time of festivities and joy. It was July 7th, the night of the Star Festival. As the draik walked down the paved stone path, he could feel eyes on him as he walked. Nagase’s appearance was unlike any draik in Neopia. Though he retained the whiskers near his nose and the fin on his tail like most maraquan draiks, he had several other features...

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Usuki Singing Stars #48: The Great NT Mystery!
Sparkles looked at the whitestone rectangular building in front of her. “Here we are, gang!” The pink Bruce exclaimed excitedly. “The worldwide headquarters for the Neopian Times! Who knows what wonders we’ll see once we step inside?”

by downrightdude


The Uncanny Horticulturist
You make your way along the outskirts of Neovia grumbling. Your pockets feel significantly lighter after a particularly annoying turn of events at the Apple Bobbing station. Why do you insist on still visiting that shady character Bart?

by sugar_head


Selected Volumes from Brightvale Library
In today's edition of Selected Volumes from Brightvale Library, we will be exploring "Ruling the Universe" - by Dr. Frank Sloth

by herdygerdy


The Adventures of Armin
There was once a beast. A monster. He desired all the treasure within Terror Mountain. Hundreds of Bori lived happily within this mountain. That is, until HE came...

by dewdropzz


Just a little more to the right...

by ramotswe


The Ghost
Altador is haunted.

by trishabeakens

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