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Your questions answered!

Read the answers to the most commonly asked Neopets questions this week in the Editorial section. Each week the most popular questions will be answered by one of the creators of Neopets, so keep checking back to stay updated.

Quote of the Week

He sniffed, rubbing the back of his hand across his eyes, and leaving a trail of grime on his face. Then he turned and walked briskly across the bridge in the opposite direction from the fire. The outlines of villages, shops, and the distant castle loomed before him, and a pit formed in his stomach.

A Ranking of the Best Neopies Prizes

The twelfth annual Neopies are upon us and it’s time for us to vote for the best of everything from the previous year throughout Neopia. One of the best parts of participating and voting means we get a special prize after voting. It seems like every year these prizes get better and better, with more exciting options continually being added. To celebrate the twelfth(ish) Neopies, let's rank the best prizes that have been given out throughout the years. Grab your fancy attire and let's head to the Neopies. Magical MSP Poogle Plushie I cannot stress enough how delightful this evil little Magical MSP Poogle Plushie is. Not only is this the perfect addition to any Plushie gallery, if you play with your Poogle, it will turn them into an MSP Poogle. Once the magic of the Magical MSP Poogle Plushie is used, it converts to a normal MSP Poogle Plushie that your pet can play with. Marble Draik Egg Draik Eggs are typically hard to come by but because of the Neopies, your chances of getting one is a little better. With this Draik Egg you can hatch your own Draik over at the Draik Nest in Meridell. Be careful though because the Egg is also edible and can be fed to a Pet accidentally.

The Best (and Worst) Places to Sleep!

*Yawns* Welcome to a very sleepy guide on the best (and worst) places to sleep! This article was written during the Month of Sleeping for maximum sleepiness, but I believe naps are an all-year-round type of thing. Bonus points if you take a sip of Borovan every time I say the word "sleep" :) This is not an exhaustive list, just a list of some places around Neopia that looked comfy or interesting. Let me know if your Pets have tried sleeping in any of these places and what they thought of them! Now, in no particular order... 1. Cockroach Towers (Neopia Central) A favourite of vacationing Pets and Neopoint-pinchers alike, the Cockroach Towers is definitely a good option if you're on a budget. At just 5 NP a night, your Neopet can stay in a spacious crate about as big as a cardboard box... with all the roaches they can eat! 2. Coffee Cave (Roo Island) Somewhere in Roo Island lies a little cafe by the name of the Coffee Cave. There are plenty of tables to sit at, or sleep on. You can even grab some coffee or tea after your nap for an extra caffeine boost! This is the place to sleep if you need a boost of energy after a long day working at the Faerieland Employment Agency.

Neopia's Most Iconic Petpets

Miss Prickles here switching things up just a little bit! Instead of my usual Best and Worst Dressed list, for this edition of the Neopian Times, I am focusing on the best accessory of all: Petpets. These little creatures light up our lives every day, from being the cutest little thing to a creepy crawling, each Petpet has their own definitive ~style~ influence. I love them all so I refuse to judge them from cutest to least, instead, today I am giving you Neopia’s most (and least) ICONIC Petpets. Buckle up and we’re heading back to Year 0 to consider them all for the Neopian Times. Most Iconic: 1. The White Weewoo . The most iconic Petpet of all: the White Weewoo. The symbol of the Neopian Times, truth and honor. It is amazing that the painted version has surpassed the standard colour in its infamy. The White Weewoo is why we are all gathered here today for the Neopian Times where the White Weewoo reigns supreme. From highly requested NeoCash wearables, coveted avatars, to reminders of Neopian Wizards and witches and the Neopian Times, the White Weewoo is the ultimate icon! 10/10, three cheers for the White Weewoo!

Other Stories
"Daring Dailies" by neopartia
It was another beautiful morning on Mystery Island, Benji thought to himself happily as he popped his folding chair open on the golden sand with a grand flourish. He’d discovered this spot a few months ago - the perfect stretch of sand just barely verging on the edge of Geraptiku, far away from the more inviting beaches that attracted tourists. The Mutant Kacheek slipped on a pair of sunglasses and jabbed a bendy straw into his orange juice box before settling happily into his beach chair for a little nap. It was nice to feel his toes in the sand and the sun on his brain. Not as nice as he’d thought, actually…he frowned and peeked open an eye, searching for the offending cloud blocking his sun, only to find himself staring directly into a pair of shiny purple buttons. “Dancin’ Darblats!” Benji cried, jolting awake with such a start that his lawn chair collapsed on him. His squished juice box dribbled sadly into the sand. A familiar guffaw came from between the purple buttons. “Did I scare ya?” asked the Burlap Kau. “No, Wybie, you caught me using a new exercise machine - the tail cruncher,” Benji said sarcastically, then realised his mistake just a second too late. “How does it work?” Wybie asked earnestly. He didn’t exactly ‘get’ sarcasm. “Don’t worry about it - it’s a trade secret, patent pending,” Benji grumbled. “Why are you here?” “I was looking for you! I thought —

"When Darkness Calls" by sir_serene
“Great evils exist in this world. A multitudinal amount of them, in fact. Among them are many of the names that have been etched into the timeline of Neopian history. Names such as Dr. Frank Sloth, Lord Kass, Captain Scarblade, Galem, Xandra, Jerdana, and many more- all of whom are remembered for their innumerable wicked deeds. Deeds that left irreversible wounds upon our world. Deeds that have shaped our very lives. These names have all been compiled together into a book, so that we might never forget the darkness that has persisted through our lifetimes. This book is known as the Gallery of Evil. “The Gallery of Evil isn’t limited to only these great evils. Even the names of, what some might consider, lesser evils have found their way into said hallowed text. Names of beings who continue to wreak havoc upon the denizens of Neopia on a daily basis. Those who the Defenders of Neopia combat in order to maintain peace and order. Names such as Meuka and the lowly Pant Devil. “However, unbeknownst to most Neopians the Gallery of Evil is woefully incomplete. Criminally incomplete even. There are still unspeakable, ancient horrors lingering in the shadows around the world, waiting to be discovered. Horrors that could very well set in motion a string of events that lead to a cataclysmic apocalypse scenario. Those aren’t the evils I am...

"How Aphelium Made Friends" by vendince
In a cosy corner of The Park District in Altador, there lived a timid little Faerie Grundo named Aphelium. Aphelium had fluttered into the lovely park neighbourhood just three short months ago. Since her arrival, she had devoted her days to nurturing her house into a home and spent the evenings getting lost in the world of books. Unfortunately, she had not made a single new friend since she had arrived. On a particularly sunny morning, Aphelium sat close by her kitchen window with watchful eyes that danced with anticipation for the postman. A book, a treasure of the secrets to friendships, was on its way to hopefully help her unlock the doors to friendship and laughter that she so desperately desired. She had harboured a dream of making so many friends in her new neighbourhood. Yet, despite her relocation, she found herself the same - still shy and still timid. No sooner had the postman’s shadow departed than Aphelium found herself in front of the mailbox. A brown parcel awaited her. She ripped open the parcel and stared longingly at the books cover’s photograph. “Good morning”, came a gentle voice, bringing Aphelium back to reality. She raised her gaze to find Agnes, an Elderly Girl Ogrin, who lived two houses down from her. “Good morning”, Aphelium mumbled. Her cheeks wearing a soft brush of roses as the book’s title was plainly visible to Agnes. She must think I'm pathetic, thought Aphelium.

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How Aphelium Made Friends
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