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Short Stories

Daring Dailies

Two unlikely friends embark on a quest to do all the best dailies, no matter the cost!

by neopartia
When Darkness Calls

“Great evils exist in this world. A multitudinal amount of them, in fact. Among them are many of the names that have been etched into the timeline of Neopian history..."

by sir_serene
A Hero's Epilogue

What happened to Hanso and Brynn after my series Sands of an Hourglass? Time to find out! Enjoy :)

by nick_and_nickette
How Aphelium Made Friends

In a cosy corner of The Park District in Altador, there lived a timid little Faerie Grundo named Aphelium.

by vendince
Claire and the Coaster of Terror

“Sorry kid, you gotta be a centimetre taller to ride the Coaster of Terror. Maybe try the merry-go-round? Lots of little Usuls like it, this ride might be a bit scary for you.”

by dennykins
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A Ranking of the Best Neopies Prizes

The twelfth annual Neopies are upon us and it’s time for us to vote for the best of everything from the previous year throughout Neopia. One of the best parts of participating and voting means we get a special prize after voting. It seems like every year these prizes get better and better, with more exciting options continually being added. To celebrate the twelfth(ish) Neopies, let's rank the best prizes that have been given out throughout the years. Grab your fancy attire and let's head to the Neopies. Magical MSP Poogle Plushie I cannot stress enough how delightful this evil little Magical MSP Poogle Plushie is. Not only is this the perfect addition to any Plushie gallery, if you play with your Poogle, it will turn them into an MSP Poogle. Once the magic of the Magical MSP Poogle Plushie is used, it converts to a normal MSP Poogle Plushie that your pet can play with. Marble Draik Egg Draik Eggs are typically hard to come by but because of the Neopies, your chances of getting one is a little better. With this Draik Egg you can hatch your own Draik over at the Draik Nest in Meridell. Be careful though because the Egg is also edible and can be fed to a Pet accidentally.

Other Stories


How to Help the Neopets Community this Year
With the start of a new year, many people sit down to set goals for the upcoming twelve months. I’ve always been a goal-oriented person. I love making lists and checking off tiny accomplishments in each area of my life.

by ale2312


The Best (and Worst) Places to Sleep!
*Yawns* Welcome to a very sleepy guide on the best (and worst) places to sleep! This article was written during the Month of Sleeping for maximum sleepiness, but I believe naps are an all-year-round type of thing.

by aka892


Nuria and the Sands of Time
The campfire has been burning all day despite the sweltering heat because she said the fire makes it feel more like the holidays.

by neoghia


1000 Hours Outside: A Tale of Two Friends
The sweltering sun beat down on the Grarrl as he lay on the sands, sunglasses and straw hat decorating his face. Collab with honorrolle

by superkathiee


Next Neopian Generation
Thanks for all these years on Neopets! Here's to many more to come. Collab with lov2sing

by gardenteaparties


Un Canny
... and get OOOUUT of my HOOOUUSE!

by rebeccanmn

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