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Hi! Any chance we would be seeing another overstock sale from the NC Mall again this year? I would like to know if there's any Attack of the Revenge Backgrounds hiding in the back, seeing how it hasn't been rereleased ever since it retired from the mall. Thank you! ~winner19955
Hello! Yes!! The stock room is getting a bit crowded, I just know we’re going to need to do some spring cleaning again this year. Oooh good question. Let me check the back and see what we got! You just might see it in the NC Mall’s Overstock Sale, or sooner… O.O Thanks for writing in! ~~Miss Rainbow

Hi there, could you please update the Category of the original Shimmering Ring of Generosity to be "Special" instead of "Clothes" to match the dyeworks? They're both static but do not appear on the pet the same way, thanks! ~viviiiann
Hello there! We can absolutely make that update to the Shimmering Ring of Generosity! Happy customizing! ~~Goldfish in Bowl

Hey, TNT! *offers tickets to the circus* Tynner's a bit annoyed at the lack of clothing options for mutants. Is there a chance that, since summer is a few months away, that there could be some tank tops to wear? I think he's an XL since he's a circus strongman. Would also love to see costume options (like a loincloth), but mainly the tank top, in white if possible. He doesn't want to always want to wear his cloak. Especially since some shops have a "no shirt, no shoes, no service" policy. ~allimsayingis
Hello! Thanks for the tickets! *stows tickets in pockets* Ah, that is quite annoying… the sun is supposed to shine bright this spring and summer and we wouldn’t want Tynner to work up too much of a sweat! We’ve noted your requests and hope to come up with something lightweight and breathable for the warm upcoming seasons! ~~Miss Rainbow

Hey TNT. Could you please update the Valentine Kadoatie image to one of higher quality (to match the other Kadoaties)? She looks rather... crunchy. ~koteuni
Oops, looks like they were just having a bad fur day (years)! She’s now crunch-free like the other Kad friends! ~~Fae & Goldfish in Bowl

Hey TNT! I got the potato snack item randomly and despite it falling under Meridell food, it's classified as a wearable item. I think that's a mistake, could you please check on this? ~timerbunneh
Hiya, the Potato Snack is indeed a wearable item! It, along with a few other potato-themed wearables, is sold out of the Merifoods store because the shopkeeper wanted to celebrate Meridell’s love for all things potato! I recommend stopping by and seeing if you can get your hands on other fun potato wearables like the Mashed Potato Hat or the Baked Potato Shoes! /genuine ~~Stone

Hi TNT! When can we buy the royals and plushie nostalgic styles? ~greyfever
Umbra’s feeling pretty inspired, so these will most definitely be available in the upcoming months! Expect some squishy and pint-sized styles soon… ~~Fae

Hi! I was wondering if the Flowery Ribbon Wand will ever be put in a cap or something of sorts? It is really rare to find one for trade nowadays *offers you cookies and milk* ~kingambit
Hello! What a cute item! Yea, I think it totally makes sense to see it in the Retired Spring Mystery Capsule. We’ve taken note of this, thank you for writing in! *puts cookies in milk, waits till it gets soggy, and then drinks it all at once* Hehe jk. ~~Miss Rainbow

Hi! Um, I don’t exist. Have the rules for the Poetry Contest changed? The past, like, ten entries I submitted haven’t gotten through (and I used to get at least an acknowledgement letter…) just wanted to clarify if the standards for writing contests like poems have changed. Thanks! *vanishes* ~peacelovebliss

Hi TNT! This one's for Adler [*hands over Sparkle Berry Kiko Candy Floss*] (Adler, do you like cookies? what kind? I panicked when trying to choose a gift snack). I really enjoy writing poems for the poetry competition, it's often a highlight of my week. But I feel like some of my best work doesn't get selected, and some of the poems I dash off at the last minute make it in. I was really really really disappointed that both of my Valentines poems were rejected, for example, since it was the big 2700 and I put a lot of time into them. I know everyone's tastes are different, and that describing your own can be difficult. Still, can you give any guidance at all about the kinds of poems you tend to prefer? Is it based on poetic form? Rhyme-scheme? Overall mood? It's just really hard for me to tell. ALSO, are the selections made anonymously, or can you see the usernames when you choose? Thank you for reading *so many words* ALL THE TIME. I hope you like gourmet candyfloss! ~darthtingle
Hi there! Cool magic trick, I’ve never spoken to an invisible person before! Thank you for the treat! *Munches on Sparkle Berry Kiko Candy Floss in between questions* I do like cookies! My favourite would have to be Yellow Kougra Paw Cookies because toe beans! Now down to business! In terms of the poetry contest, the standards have not changed, we just receive a lot of entries, especially when Pet days are close together. My advice for obtaining a better chance at selection would be to consider a unique theme since we try not to have too many poems based on the same character/theme. While we do appreciate a good rhyme, the more creative, the better! Side note, I thoroughly enjoy reading so many words, ALL THE TIME, even when I’m not working! ~~ Adler

In the advent calendar you released the Elderly Acara Plushie. Shouldn't it say Elderlyboy, since it is clearly the male version of the Elderly Acara? It is the same with the Elderly Ogrin Plushie. ~padxe
Hi there! You are so right, it should be “Elderlyboy”! We have made the proper corrections! Thanks for writing in! ~~Goldfish in Bowl

C'mon guys, it's been nearly 800 issues since it was first revealed that the cellblock avatar is not random. Can we have a hint, please :3 ~tori_goes_rawrr
*Gives you a hint* ~~TNT

Hi!! So I found three misspelled items all beginning with Dyeworks Lavendar. The correct spelling is Lavender. It would be helpful to have it changed so I can easily find all Lavender items at once! thanks :) ~bricrews
Hello! We’ve made the spelling corrections! Thanks for bringing this to our attention! ~~Goldfish in Bowl

I saw that you guys activated Full Poogle Armour. It was previously unable to be equipped to a pet but now it's fixed. Any chance we could get the same for Sparkling Acara Shield? It's listed as Defence Magic but when you go to equip it to your pet it won't equip. Thanks! ~i_vap_
Thank you for calling this out! Seems the armourer who crafted this shield plum forgot to include any straps. Without any way to fasten it to the wearer’s arm, no wonder this shield couldn’t be equipped! The very embarrassed Aisha who runs the Defence Magic Shop has had all of the shields she sold outfitted with reinforced straps to ensure they stay secure during the heat of battle. The Sparkling Acara Shield should now be equippable, happy battling! ~~Aesop


Oh man! Four months on, and Glaive of Verdancy is still the talk of the town in my small playermade battle community. It's emphasis on blocking Dark, while still meeting the 8 Damage requirement in our playermade league has secured it as a staple! Please make more of this!! ~frozencyodrakeshield

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