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Continued Series

The Price of Ambition

Before their final task, Annie still had to collect snow from the top of Terror Mountain. Her partner in that journey would be Izzrin, and Annie could tell from the get-go that she wasn’t enthusiastic about the trip.

by golden1188
1000 Hours Outside: A Tale of Two Friends

The sweltering sun beat down on the Grarrl as he lay on the sands, sunglasses and straw hat decorating his face. Collab with honorrolle

by superkathiee
Who said Programming was Easy?

Back upstairs Garfalox opens the door to his office and immediately sees the red light. Collab with vicunas

by greenj12356
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"When Darkness Calls" by sir_serene
“Great evils exist in this world. A multitudinal amount of them, in fact. Among them are many of the names that have been etched into the timeline of Neopian history. Names such as Dr. Frank Sloth, Lord Kass, Captain Scarblade, Galem, Xandra, Jerdana, and many more- all of whom are remembered for their innumerable wicked deeds. Deeds that left irreversible wounds upon our world. Deeds that have shaped our very lives. These names have all been compiled together into a book, so that we might never forget the darkness that has persisted through our lifetimes. This book is known as the Gallery of Evil. “The Gallery of Evil isn’t limited to only these great evils. Even the names of, what some might consider, lesser evils have found their way into said hallowed text. Names of beings who continue to wreak havoc upon the denizens of Neopia on a daily basis. Those who the Defenders of Neopia combat in order to maintain peace and order. Names such as Meuka and the lowly Pant Devil. “However, unbeknownst to most Neopians the Gallery of Evil is woefully incomplete. Criminally incomplete even. There are still unspeakable, ancient horrors lingering in the shadows around the world, waiting to be discovered. Horrors that could very well set in motion a string of events that lead to a cataclysmic apocalypse scenario. Those aren’t the evils I am...

Other Stories


Claire and the Coaster of Terror
“Sorry kid, you gotta be a centimetre taller to ride the Coaster of Terror. Maybe try the merry-go-round? Lots of little Usuls like it, this ride might be a bit scary for you.”

by dennykins


When Darkness Calls
“Great evils exist in this world. A multitudinal amount of them, in fact. Among them are many of the names that have been etched into the timeline of Neopian history..."

by sir_serene


Neopia's Most Iconic Petpets
Miss Prickles here switching things up just a little bit! Instead of my usual Best and Worst Dressed list, for this edition of the Neopian Times, I am focusing on the best accessory of all: Petpets.

by spukl1


How to Help the Neopets Community this Year
With the start of a new year, many people sit down to set goals for the upcoming twelve months. I’ve always been a goal-oriented person. I love making lists and checking off tiny accomplishments in each area of my life.

by ale2312


Completely Smart - Beach Day
Make sure to wear sunscreen! Collab with faerierainbow3

by ms_meepit


DoTS and the Phantom of Neopian Times #01
"Who when where what and why?" Says a Weewoo

by soragin

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