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Accessories NOT optional

by icecreamkatana

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An Interview with Ellsworth, Host of the Neopies
It’s the Month of Awakening, and you know what that means: it’s awards season! Unless you’ve been living under a Mossy Rock, you’ll know that the Neopies – hosted by none other than Ellsworth the Elephante – are in full swing.

by spikegalactic2000


1000 Hours Outside: A Tale of Two Friends
The sweltering sun beat down on the Grarrl as he lay on the sands, sunglasses and straw hat decorating his face. Collab with honorrolle

by superkathiee


The Best (and Worst) Places to Sleep!
*Yawns* Welcome to a very sleepy guide on the best (and worst) places to sleep! This article was written during the Month of Sleeping for maximum sleepiness, but I believe naps are an all-year-round type of thing.

by aka892


Neopia's Most Iconic Petpets
Miss Prickles here switching things up just a little bit! Instead of my usual Best and Worst Dressed list, for this edition of the Neopian Times, I am focusing on the best accessory of all: Petpets.

by spukl1

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