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Short Stories

The Meridell Brothers

"'Hey, what's this thingy?' inquired a young, blue Turtum. 'Wha' do ya mean, "thingy"? replied the Whinny to his friend as he wandered over to..."

by sleepiestkitty
Lira's Adventure in the Grave Danger Catacombs!

"'Are you sure, that I will be okay in there? It looks scary! I think you should have asked Oira, Iora and Rai instead to adventure the catacombs' a Gold Snowbunny asked her owner..."

by alvissofcaldia
A Beastly Underground Prank

"One sunny morning, Tivlia the Maraquan Blumaroo was returning from her weekly grocery shopping when she almost tripped over a mysterious-looking hole in the ground..."

by _brainchild_

"Even before I opened my eyes, I knew something was wrong. The musty smell of damp stone. A metallic taste in my mouth. The cold feel of the floor against my back. The distant sound of… banjo music?"

by june_scarlet
Castle Planner's Journal: The Undercobble

"The whole castle of Meridell was buzzing with activity as it prepared for yet another feast. The King had declared this feast to be in honour of the healthy rains observed across Meri-Acres..."

by ferretboy85
Under the Gebmids

“'Mom wanted me to invite you to grandma’s birthday next month,' Sarina said as she leaned in to examine a painted brick..."

by stella_123_5
Under Eye

"Everything is just a little child’s game. With a name like Neopia, how could this place not be for children? How embarrassing..." Collab with joanna_lewis

by kebicorn
Darigan's Lily

"When I fled from Kass’ tyranny, I had but one regret: I would never see my family again. Even if we had our differences, our clashes, I would miss my brother and sister, their children, and my bedridden mother..."

by parody_ham
At the Sign of the Dancing Dragoyle

"Located in a mountain village in northern Meridell, the Dancing Dragoyle, marked by a sign with a Dragoyle caught up in an ecstatic dance, was a tavern always filled to the brim with the dregs of Neopian society..."

by precious_katuch14
Underground Underdogs

"From the deepest crevices of the ground, great swathes of steam rose to the stalactites that were Moltara City’s rocky sky..."

by flannelle
The Commander and the Survivor

Xac meets Cri-Dra, the sole survivor of a conquered world.

by shellshocks
The Food Thief

"For Pergus, working in Kreludor’s mines wasn't all that exciting. To tell the truth, the job was basically the same every day..." Collab with higs_pagodeiro

by dinha_reeves
Vertical Transportation

"The Halloween Meerca squinted shrewdly over the folds of her cloak, which she held draped around herself in the fashion of a Korbat's wing..."

by liouchan
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"Underground Underdogs" by flannelle
From the deepest crevices of the ground, great swathes of steam rose to the stalactites that were Moltara City’s rocky sky. The rhythmic rumble of working engines and the rattle of rotating cogs filled the air. Several blinking beacons lit the cave—the famed glowing lanterns—for Moltara had no sun, but it shone anyway. Rusted metal and behemothic boulders composed their buildings; within, they all glowed with the same orangey glow. The ground was tepid, alive with the lava in its depths. To the wayward wanderer, Moltara was an intimidating destination; only the most experienced of travellers dared to descend to the molten abyss. To Tulah Kisner, right forward of Team Moltara, Moltara was home. She inhaled deeply the steamy air. Her glowing fur smouldered happily like coal returned to its hearth. The Altador Cup was behind her, but not too far behind. The memories of their few defeats and fewer victories churned inside of her. Her body was a cauldron, bubbling, boiling, with tumultuous thoughts. Moltara received its team with open arms, of course, and its citizens still cheered at their return. Tulah did not join them in their celebration, however. The homecoming was lost on her. Captain Aldric invited the Moltara Team to supper at Molten Morsels.

Other Stories


Spelunking The Southern Connected Underground
The world of Neopia has two major continents simply called the Northern Continent and the Southern Continent.

by pikachu315111


Notable Neopians: Carolyn (parody_ham)
Hello and welcome to Notable Neopians! I’m greykadoatie and in this issue we are shining the spotlight on one of Neopia’s most talented creators: Carolyn (parody_ham) who was first published way back in Issue 432.

by greykadoatie


The Shoyru Spy
"The Neopian Plaza was as bustling as ever, filled with shoppers going from one store to another, the warm baked aromas of the Pizzaroo wafting through the air, and the sounds of customers trying out new musical instruments in the Music Shop..."

by iwonder


Sands of an Hourglass
"A family of four traversed the dunes of the Lost Desert on an Apis caravan. The father, an Acara, was telling a story..."

by nick_and_nickette


The Floating Islanders - The Underground
Sometimes a cave is just a cave.

by yankeesrule244444456


The Not So Hidden Tower of Moltara
Wild speculations about a tower in a city far below sea level

by love_check

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