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Your questions answered!

Read the answers to the most commonly asked Neopets questions this week in the Editorial section. Each week the most popular questions will be answered by one of the creators of Neopets, so keep checking back to stay updated.

Quote of the Week

"He put on a kettle, and after making himself a strong cup of dark tea, he settled in to read his new book. Without paying much attention to where he put down his teacup, he let it sit for a while on the blank piece of paper, while he lost himself in tales of long-lost worlds."

Underground Treasures: A Guide to the Symol Hole

Meridell may seem like a peaceful place. But beneath your feet, there is an underground network of tunnels, bustling with Petpets. You may have heard the scurrying of their little feet and wondered why they are scampering around in the dirt. Well, wonder no longer: they have been sent into the Mysterious Symol Hole in search of riches. In this guide, the Symol Hole Appreciation Society will share what is currently known about this underground treasure trove. You will learn how to access the Symol Hole, how to maximise your Petpet’s chances of coming back with a reward, and which prizes we think are the best to have ever been hauled from the dirt. We will begin with a rundown of the basics for readers who are unfamiliar with the Symol Hole. Although much of its workings are shrouded in mystery, it seems to be some kind of burrow, occupied by Symols. Leading experts believe it is likely that the Symols dug the hole themselves. It is accessed through an unassuming hole in the ground, leading to a dark tunnel. This is all that can be seen from the surface, though there have been many reports of lights, strange noises and even music coming from the Symol Hole. All of this would only be of interest to the most dedicated of Petpetologists, were it not for the Symol Hole’s most intriguing property: it contains a fortune so vast that even the Snowager would be jealous. Want to know how you can nab some of these treasures for yourself? Keep reading.

Spelunking The Southern Connected Underground

The world of Neopia has two major continents simply called the Northern Continent and the Southern Continent. The Northern Continent is considerably smaller than the Southern; it makes up Neopia’s north pole and mainly consists of two lands: Terror Mountain and Tyrannia. The Southern Continent is the main landmass where most of the other Neopian lands are located (which aren’t islands, Maraqua, or in orbit); it splits Neopia’s global ocean and connects to the (mostly) uninhabited south pole. While there are many adventures to have in the lands, few know that beneath them is a network of deep underground caverns and caves which spans across the entire Southern Continent! Called the “Southern Connected Underground”, it’s made up of 6 major caverns, each with a unique appearance, and there are multiple caves connecting them to one another! With a map in hand, freshly bought climbing tools, and a group of “eager” Neopets, join me and my Neopets as we go: SPELUNKING THE SOUTHERN CONNECTED UNDERGROUND! (When diving into the pitch dark black, remember to bring plenty of snacks!) JOURNAL ENTRY DAY 1: Neopia Central Catacombs I and my Neopets started our underground journey via the Neopia Central Catacombs, the caverns below Neopia Central. It’s suggested as the beginning point for first time spelunkers as it’s been thoroughly explored (with plenty of climbing equipment setup), easy to enter...

Moltara Travel Guide

Deep below the surface of Neopia, you can find Moltara. We like to call it “The Underground City” and for this special edition of the Neopian Times, we will help readers figure out exactly what to do when visiting this cool place! If you’re planning on stopping by - which you should check out this travel guide. It will likely take a while to go underground and find Moltara City so you’re bound to be hungry. What good is any travel destination without a spot to get some grub? This is where Molten Morsels comes in and you can absolutely feast on some local delicacies. Be first in line to try out a Moltato or our personal favourite, Lava Burger. If you’re patient and pretty lucky you may even catch a Red Moltite Popsicle for sale. However, don’t get your hopes up as its rarity 99 and isn’t put up for sale often! Next up you’ll want to tour the area in style so we recommend heading over to Cog’s Togs where the latest fashion is in stock! He has everything from the coolest goggles, blacksmith outfits, the latest Ixi tails and horns to even a watch to help you keep track of time! We recommend the Metallic Hissi clothing set but Cog has wearables for several different species as well as some universal clothes for everyone to try on! You’ll fit right in with the locals and get the true Moltara experience. By now you’ll have spent some Neopoints you’ll want to earn back. What better way to earn Neopoints than playing games and having fun? Check out Tunnel Tumble for a classic Moltaran game. It's a bit similar to Darigan Dodgeball (but better!). The point of the game is after clicking on Jordie in centre, make sure to drag him across the board and avoid hitting any of the four rocks. They are all different shapes and sizes and as the game progresses it gets a bit faster and harder to dodge (but you earn more Neopoints!)

Other Stories
"Underground Underdogs" by flannelle
From the deepest crevices of the ground, great swathes of steam rose to the stalactites that were Moltara City’s rocky sky. The rhythmic rumble of working engines and the rattle of rotating cogs filled the air. Several blinking beacons lit the cave—the famed glowing lanterns—for Moltara had no sun, but it shone anyway. Rusted metal and behemothic boulders composed their buildings; within, they all glowed with the same orangey glow. The ground was tepid, alive with the lava in its depths. To the wayward wanderer, Moltara was an intimidating destination; only the most experienced of travellers dared to descend to the molten abyss. To Tulah Kisner, right forward of Team Moltara, Moltara was home. She inhaled deeply the steamy air. Her glowing fur smouldered happily like coal returned to its hearth. The Altador Cup was behind her, but not too far behind. The memories of their few defeats and fewer victories churned inside of her. Her body was a cauldron, bubbling, boiling, with tumultuous thoughts. Moltara received its team with open arms, of course, and its citizens still cheered at their return. Tulah did not join them in their celebration, however. The homecoming was lost on her. Captain Aldric invited the Moltara Team to supper at Molten Morsels.

"A Beastly Underground Prank" by _brainchild_
One sunny morning, Tivlia the Maraquan Blumaroo was returning from her weekly grocery shopping when she almost tripped over a mysterious-looking hole in the ground. Upon taking a closer look, she noticed that there was a ladder leading downward. Of course, she was curious about what may be lurking underground. As a treasure hunter, she hypothesized that there might be some worthwhile items down there. After going home and putting away the groceries, Tivlia returned to the hole and slowly climbed down the ladder. Her surroundings were getting darker as she descended, so she had to be careful not to slip and fall. Once she was on the ground, she started wandering around with a lantern in hand. She wasn’t really finding anything, to her disappointment. All she saw was a bunch of dirt, rocks, and worms, as well as an underground pond. She was about to go back up empty-handed when she heard the curious sound of scuttling creatures, along with someone crying. Intrigued, she approached the sounds. Before her, she saw an army of Talpidats feasting on Neggs which they were hoarding, along with one unhappy Faerie Weewoo. “Wow, I’m so glad to see a visitor!” exclaimed the Weewoo. “I was beginning to think that no one would hear my cries...

"Under the Gebmids" by stella_123_5
“Mom wanted me to invite you to grandma’s birthday next month,” Sarina said as she leaned in to examine a painted brick. “I was going to wait to ask till we got home tonight, but since it might take a while to get out of here…” The flame from her lantern flickered, making shadows play across the White Aisha’s face. It made it difficult for Noemi to gauge her expression. She knew it probably wasn’t fair, but she couldn’t help but hear a hint of accusation in her sister’s voice. Maybe the single entrance to the tomb had come crashing down behind them because she’d stepped on the wrong tile, sure; but it was Sarina who hadn’t been holding the lantern right in the first place. Of course, Noemi hadn’t seen the trick tile. In her opinion, a professional like Sarina should have known better. Besides, she hadn’t wanted to come here at all. Noemi tried to think of a charitable, yet non-committal reply as she brushed her hand over another brick in the tomb wall; feeling for a groove, or a switch- anything, that could get her out of here and let her put more than two metres of distance between her and her twin sister. The other Aisha huffed as the pause grew too long. “You don’t have to say yes, you know. But there’s barely enough room as it is, we don’t need your humongous ego...

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