There are ants in my Lucky Green Boots Circulation: 197,578,187 Issue: 990 | 25th day of Hiding, Y25
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Moltara Travel Guide

Deep below the surface of Neopia, you can find Moltara. We like to call it “The Underground City” and for this special edition of the Neopian Times, we will help readers figure out exactly what to do when visiting this cool place! Collab with kellyclark115 and natashabelx

by theguy2020
Spelunking The Southern Connected Underground

The world of Neopia has two major continents simply called the Northern Continent and the Southern Continent.

by pikachu315111
Buzzerfeed Reviews: The Record by Petgenius

Surely everyone in the Underground has heard of them by now, but we would not be doing our due diligence as indie music reporters if we failed to cover petgenius before they break into the mainstream. Collab with wizzy13_7

by phlyarologist
Underground Treasures: A Guide to the Symol Hole

Meridell may seem like a peaceful place. But beneath your feet, there is an underground network of tunnels, bustling with Petpets.

by apanthropy
Notable Neopians: Carolyn (parody_ham)

Hello and welcome to Notable Neopians! I’m greykadoatie and in this issue we are shining the spotlight on one of Neopia’s most talented creators: Carolyn (parody_ham) who was first published way back in Issue 432.

by greykadoatie
How Does it Work: Discarded Items

Gather round, gather round. I have been given some secret information from a reliable source close to a certain green Medieval-living faerie herself… a secret never before made public and sure to leave you in shock and awe.

by honorrolle
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"A Beastly Underground Prank" by _brainchild_
One sunny morning, Tivlia the Maraquan Blumaroo was returning from her weekly grocery shopping when she almost tripped over a mysterious-looking hole in the ground. Upon taking a closer look, she noticed that there was a ladder leading downward. Of course, she was curious about what may be lurking underground. As a treasure hunter, she hypothesized that there might be some worthwhile items down there. After going home and putting away the groceries, Tivlia returned to the hole and slowly climbed down the ladder. Her surroundings were getting darker as she descended, so she had to be careful not to slip and fall. Once she was on the ground, she started wandering around with a lantern in hand. She wasn’t really finding anything, to her disappointment. All she saw was a bunch of dirt, rocks, and worms, as well as an underground pond. She was about to go back up empty-handed when she heard the curious sound of scuttling creatures, along with someone crying. Intrigued, she approached the sounds. Before her, she saw an army of Talpidats feasting on Neggs which they were hoarding, along with one unhappy Faerie Weewoo. “Wow, I’m so glad to see a visitor!” exclaimed the Weewoo. “I was beginning to think that no one would hear my cries...

Other Stories


Under Eye
"Everything is just a little child’s game. With a name like Neopia, how could this place not be for children? How embarrassing..." Collab with joanna_lewis

by kebicorn


Lira's Adventure in the Grave Danger Catacombs!
"'Are you sure, that I will be okay in there? It looks scary! I think you should have asked Oira, Iora and Rai instead to adventure the catacombs' a Gold Snowbunny asked her owner..."

by alvissofcaldia


Return to White River
"The air shimmered and weaved with tension as a few certain citizens of White River waited in the wings of the Town Hall..."

by hzoo_26


Bargain with a Dark Faerie
"For Fyora’s sake, I didn't want it to be like this!" Aerin slammed an angry fist on the wooden table, shaking it and the mugs of mead resting upon it..."

by puzzlepets


Royal Pain: Underground Treasures
She's just digging herself into a hole

by winner19955


The Floating Islanders - The Underground
Sometimes a cave is just a cave.

by yankeesrule244444456

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