Voice of the Neopian Pound Circulation: 197,578,187 Issue: 990 | 25th day of Hiding, Y25
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"Illogical - Stuck Underground Background."

"Unbeknownst to this poor Neopet..." Collab with roxanna203

by kimpossibleluvr
I'm standing my GROUND on this joke...

"What do you call a..."

by jenna_lyn_russell
Desserted Underground

The Grarrl dares to check out the Underground. Collab with myncithemonkey and timothy1692

by verna_
Royal Pain: Underground Treasures

She's just digging herself into a hole

by winner19955
Darkest Corner: In Action~

Exploring underground, Hannah had met her biggest obstacle yet..

by dark_elfa
Origin of the Smugglers Treasure Chest

Work harder, not smarter. Collab with neoskulltula

by pequepanda
The Floating Islanders - The Underground

Sometimes a cave is just a cave.

by yankeesrule244444456
Expensive Adventures

Sometimes you should spare your Neopets the trip to Moltara and use Shop Wizard, instead!

by prulletje1852
Where do they go...?

"Now where is that little rascal?"

by greentoxicity
Digging Up Duds

Quitters never win.

by kuroneko_kitty
An Underground Cryptogram

Can you decode the hidden message in this cryptogram?

by srr8383
The Underground: Problemas de Mineros

"A ganar los Neopuntos del Dia!" Collab with krowkano & frecuencialatina

by romina_r
Bedtime in Moltara

"Time for bed..." Collab with tkprtyrhd

by squishyfishylovesme
It was Gravity

A hunt for Neggs leads a Meerca on an unexpected journey.

by tatyanne
The Not So Hidden Tower of Moltara

Wild speculations about a tower in a city far below sea level

by love_check
Faellie Tales 10: Burrow

An underground haven.

by coco6468
First Day on the Job

Hmmmm...Collab with skeletonic

by contrito
Underground Treasure

"Nothing again?" Collab with serein

by siellan
RIP: Ill-Gotten Goods

Smugglers Cove is Underground, right?

by peanutbuttermilk
Blossoms~ Digging Deep Part 5

Really, I don't want to be a bother.

by twillieblossom
Conspirixi Theory

The theories MAY need a bit of workshopping. Collab with aliceo96 and bennle

by darkonek
A Real Rock

I want a rock!

by emmakrakoka
Back from the Underground

"Oh my goodness! We've just discovered..." Collab with darkobsession

by princecharmiing
The Underground Stamp Trading Ring

Welcome to the underground, kid... Collab with i_lovee_icecream

by truebrony
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Underground Treasures: A Guide to the Symol Hole

Meridell may seem like a peaceful place. But beneath your feet, there is an underground network of tunnels, bustling with Petpets. You may have heard the scurrying of their little feet and wondered why they are scampering around in the dirt. Well, wonder no longer: they have been sent into the Mysterious Symol Hole in search of riches. In this guide, the Symol Hole Appreciation Society will share what is currently known about this underground treasure trove. You will learn how to access the Symol Hole, how to maximise your Petpet’s chances of coming back with a reward, and which prizes we think are the best to have ever been hauled from the dirt. We will begin with a rundown of the basics for readers who are unfamiliar with the Symol Hole. Although much of its workings are shrouded in mystery, it seems to be some kind of burrow, occupied by Symols. Leading experts believe it is likely that the Symols dug the hole themselves. It is accessed through an unassuming hole in the ground, leading to a dark tunnel. This is all that can be seen from the surface, though there have been many reports of lights, strange noises and even music coming from the Symol Hole. All of this would only be of interest to the most dedicated of Petpetologists, were it not for the Symol Hole’s most intriguing property: it contains a fortune so vast that even the Snowager would be jealous. Want to know how you can nab some of these treasures for yourself? Keep reading.

Other Stories


The Commander and the Survivor
Xac meets Cri-Dra, the sole survivor of a conquered world.

by shellshocks


At the Sign of the Dancing Dragoyle
"Located in a mountain village in northern Meridell, the Dancing Dragoyle, marked by a sign with a Dragoyle caught up in an ecstatic dance, was a tavern always filled to the brim with the dregs of Neopian society..."

by precious_katuch14


Underground Treasures: A Guide to the Symol Hole
Meridell may seem like a peaceful place. But beneath your feet, there is an underground network of tunnels, bustling with Petpets.

by apanthropy


Notable Neopians: Carolyn (parody_ham)
Hello and welcome to Notable Neopians! I’m greykadoatie and in this issue we are shining the spotlight on one of Neopia’s most talented creators: Carolyn (parody_ham) who was first published way back in Issue 432.

by greykadoatie


The Shoyru Spy
"The Neopian Plaza was as bustling as ever, filled with shoppers going from one store to another, the warm baked aromas of the Pizzaroo wafting through the air, and the sounds of customers trying out new musical instruments in the Music Shop..."

by iwonder


The Primordial Saga: A Faerie's Woe
"The Kougra tried to appease her, but she understood the point the Light Faerie was trying to make. She also turned to Fyora and asked..."

by rurirawr

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