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Hi! I saw a Kadoatie at the Kadoatery who was requesting the Tomato Chia Wings wearable. I know it's sold at a food store but... I don't know if that should really count here. Is it meant to be like that? Or does the Kad I saw just have peculiar taste? (No offense, Whiskers!) ~xxstarl1ghtxx
Technically, the wings are indeed made out of fruits and veggies, so I guess the Kadoatie just wanted to see how they taste! Maybe I'll have to give them a try myself sometime! /half-joking ~~Stone

¡Hola TNT! *les invita pastel de chocolate recién horneado* Is it allowed to send poems, articles, series or short stories in Spanish using opening and closing question marks or exclamation marks like these: "¿Cómo estás?", "¡Buenos días!" in the text for the Poetry Contest and The Neopian Times, respectively? ~frecuencialatina
¡Hola de nuevo! While we do try to include other languages in our writing contests, our programming is still a bit old and may not recognize each and every single punctuation in multiple languages. You are more than welcome to try, we just cannot guarantee that our platform will publish it correctly if your piece is selected as a winner. I hope this helps! ¡Buenos días! ~~ Adler

Hi! I can't wait to get my hands on the new Usukicon Goodie Bag and try my luck at getting a Yooyuball Goalie Usuki Doll (goalies unite!) There is an issue with the Usuki Rollerskates though, as "rollerskate" is not a word. This should please be updated to "Usuki Roller Skates" (just like the two skating items released last week correctly use ~quailbat
Good catch! We've corrected the item name for Usuki Roller Skates. Appreciate you bringing this to our attention, and please let us know if you spot any other items that need adjustments! ~~Aesop

Been loving the quality upgrade and entering this new era of neo. Tapped into the Be-Gone's in the NC Mall, but it's not working so well on the Transparent Grarrl. Hoping for a quick fix tail deletion action. Thanks! ~xxsitrus
Hello! Glad you’re enjoying the new era of Neopets so far! Thanks for bringing this problem to our attention! The problem should be fixed now, so Be-Gone Hind should work on your Transparent Grarrl now! Happy Customizing! ~~Goldfish in Bowl

*i place a comically large UFFH on the table in front of you* what does UFFH stand for? i will subject my grarrl to eating it if i dont find out ~~child2597
An intriguing question, as there has been some debate about this in Neopia! There are generally two schools of thought when it comes to the naming of the UFFH item. Some claim that UFFH stands for Unidentified Fossilized Fish Head, while others say it's simply the sound most Neopians make when they first catch a whiff of it... ~~Aesop

Hi! Thank you for releasing the Brightvale Books Background. It's perfect for Neopet's bibliophiles. Unfortunately, another background with the *exact* same name already exists. Consequently, this muddles the search results for players looking for either one. This also makes it more difficult for both sellers & buyers to get a good feel of both backgrounds' current market values. Please rename the newest background to avoid this confusion. Thanks! Please remove my username. ~Anonymous
Thanks for letting us know! The most recent one has now been renamed Brightvale Bookshelves Background. I hope this helps! /genuine ~~Stone

Hello! Thank you so much for the new species specific NP wearables! Just wondering though, if you could perhaps fix the Ixi tails? They seem to be placed behind their normal tail, instead of on top like the Blumaroo or Mynci tails, and they are just too cute to hide! ~mizrachii
Hi! Thanks for bringing this issue to our attention! It should be fixed for all the Ixi tails now! Happy Customizing! ~~Goldfish in Bowl

Looking at the map of Altador, I see a big wall without any gates... How does anyone get in or out of town? ~neo_coaster363
A wonderful question! To most onlookers, it does appear as if there is no entrance through the massive gates surrounding Altador. However, there are intricate mechanisms built into the ramparts that actually open massive stone sliding doors to allow merchants and citizens to come and go as they please. ~~Aesop

I gotta wonder, since Usukis are strikingly similar to... another very expansive female-centric doll-line, I was wondering who the parent company is in Neopia? ~rubyharmony3
Hmm, that’s a good question! I’ve looked into it, but as hard as I’ve tried, no one seems willing to comment on who exactly owns what in the doll-making world of Neopia…this will require some in-depth searching! /serious ~~ Stone

Hi there! The Altador Cup Backpack released at the AC XVIII prize shop unfortunately shares the same name as an item already released way back at AC VI (which is arguably better too as it's wearable.) This duplicated name is creating a lot of confusion for users. Please update the name for this new backpack to help avoid confusion. Thanks! ~quailbat
Hello! Thanks for bringing this to our attention. The most recent one has now been named Altador Cup School Backpack. ~sunpotato

Hey TNT! *Throws muffins* Thanks for fixing most of the flash games! While I was hanging around Neopets, I found an item description error. The item "Anklet of the Deep"'s description says "This anklet is too beautiful wear." What it should say is too beautiful to wear." Thanks! ~winky_wocky
Thank you for letting us know! We just added that missing "to" to the description. ~~Aesop


*offers a basket of berries* I just wanted you guys to know that I ordered two of the three G-Fuel flavors and the slushie cup as soon as I found out they existed, and they arrived the day before my birthday. It was too late when I got it to want an energy drink, but I look forward to celebrating my birthday tomorrow by finally finding out what Loveberries taste like. Wishing you all an awesome year! ~joyfulcabbage

I can't thank you enough times for restoring Neopets to it's (almost) former glory! I truly never thought that I would ever play some of my favourite games ever again - especially Attack of the Marblemen. I missed them all so much. I stuck it out all this time but finally stopped doing Premium, but now I am back on Premium -- all thanks to you new management Neopians. Merci!! ~ifatfirst

Well I just loved the Q&A with Adler! Hi Adler!! Welcome to the team!! Glad to have you here!! ~beautiful_grrl_182
Hi there! Thank you so much for your kind words, this absolutely warmed my heart! I am beyond excited to be a part of the team and I am also glad to have you here, fellow Neopian! ~~Adler

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