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Short Stories

Life on a Foreign Planet

After countless nights yearning to visit Neopia, Hannu acquired the opportunity to explore this mysterious world.

by greencheese79
The Neverending Grey Day

"It was not a dark and stormy night..."

by iwonder
Quadrille for the Grey

"'Mother', Aubadie said, racing in as fast as her little Gelert feet could carry her..."

by barnowl42
A tale of two brothers

"Once upon a time, many decades ago, there was an orphanage in the outskirts of Brightvale..."

by nick_and_nickette
A Glimpse of Shinroobi's Journal

"In the massive world of Neopia, nobody can predict what will happen..."

by pixie_tea
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Top Ten Grey Clothes That Are Not Drab!

With Grey Day fast approaching pets all over Neopia are looking to try on new styles to be in on the latest fashion trend. After all, anyone who is anyone is constantly refreshing their closet and outfit in accordance to the Neopian calendar. Grey might not be fashionable year-round in the eyes of many but once a year it does get the glory it deserves. Grey can be quite fashionable if you know how to style it. Grey does not equal boring nor does it equal a bad time. Grey pets in particular can be sensitive to this notion so please keep an open mind when selecting your latest outfit or picking out your new colour before going for a swim in the Rainbow Pool. However grey is not just for grey pets. Pets of every colour can benefit from appreciating the gloom in Grey Day and the hue of grey clothes. Once Grey Day is over take a look around you tomorrow. Doesn’t the air smell better? colours look brighter? Food tastes better? Just because it rains at your picnic does not mean the day is ruined. And just because your outfit favours a neutral colour does not make you neutral. You just have to know how to wear your grey. Basic Grey Cardigan Basics are great for a reason. It is a nice neutral top that can go with any colour bottom, any colour Neopet, or even on top of more grey. It may be a little warm this time of year for a cardigan but sometimes it is still chilly enough to want to bundle up. It is a great fashion piece year round.

Other Stories


Festival of Neggs Dessert Recipes
"It’s time for the Festival of Neggs! This year, Kari the Negg Faerie has decided to share 3 of her top-secret Negg recipes with the Neopian Times..."

by chrizzlymurphy


50 Things to Do In Neopia When You're Feeling Grey
"Time and time again, I see Neopians who are feeling grey for whatever reason."

by _brainchild_


The Missing Mask
"While Toxi considered who to speak with first, her bag began to jostle around, and Molly the Mutant Meepit popped her head out..." Collab with somerebelkid

by 77thbigby


A Corsair Among the Stars
"For nearly as long as she could remember being alive, Korzara had yearned for freedom..."

by zennistrad


Salad Aisha

by sienna_1996


Grey Day Puzzles
A word search puzzle and a maze with a grey day theme.

by crunchbar98

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