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Turn and Return - Pt. 4

check it out.

by hamster_z
NeoPizza - Brotherly Bonds - Last Page

In which peace is found..

by abby568
Neopian Loser

It happens more likely than you think.

by cellshaded
Blossoms~ Meeting Part 1

What are you...

by twillieblossom
Neopets Pixel Cross Puzzle #10

Can you solve this puzzle?

by krabby_55
Faellie Tales 02: A Rainy, Grey Day

Some fun in the rain! And mud.

by coco6468
A grey day is a good day!

Guide the magical Grey Faerie Doll to the Grey Faerie!

by safemoon
Grey Day Puzzles

A word search puzzle and a maze with a grey day theme.

by crunchbar98
Turning Grey After Golden Shell Miss

Did you save enough for a Golden Shell?

by ckgknyangel
Can a Grey pet be happy?

"How can he be so happy?" Collab with pequepanda

by kimpossibleluvr
Salad Aisha


by sienna_1996

A wordsearch game about your favorite grey color petpets. Please give them a hug~~

by xlorally
Dripping in Happiness

Naia: "It's just one day. This is fine. I am fine." Collab with dariganey & cisko116

by shenkuun
Life Improvised : Out of Place

Do you ever feel out of place?

by keng200
Neopian Groceries

Let's get some groceries!

by prulletje1852
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"The Neverending Grey Day" by iwonder
It was not a dark and stormy night. It should have been, but that shows how much you can trust the weather. In fact, it was a bright and shiny morning, the sun glittering in the Rainbow Fountain, the beekadoodles and weewoos chirping from the trees, and the sweet floral fragrance of the blooming lemon trees wafting through the air. All in all, it should have been a great day in Neopia. But not all its inhabitants were as cheerful as their surroundings. Baelia woke up later than usual, took a quick glance out the window from her bed, and promptly pulled her covers over her head. “Not this again,” she muttered, trying to will the fast dissipating night to return, to whisk her away into a deep slumber. Any day the sun started burning this early it just reminded her of being stuck in that awful cage, without food or water. The feeling of dread never truly went away, she would just mask it in the presence of others and pretend to be fine. But when the weather was dark, gloomy, and rainy, she at least wasn’t reminded of what had happened to her. She could curl up on her sofa with a good book, a cup of flaming hot coffee, and hear the smattering of rain against the windows of her own little home. On those dreary days she didn’t get many visitors, if any at all, and she knew she’d be left in her own safe bubble. When the weather on the outside matched her internal feelings, a calm came over her. It was as if the elements of the world understood her, and cried with her. But this was not one of those days. This was a bright, sunny, horrifyingly warm and joyous day. And she knew what that meant. Visitors.

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The Neverending Grey Day
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