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Writing Lesser Known Neopian Characters

"Many characters cast their shadows far and wide across the face of Neopia and its enduring lore..."

by precious_katuch14
50 Things to Do In Neopia When You're Feeling Grey

"Time and time again, I see Neopians who are feeling grey for whatever reason."

by _brainchild_
Festival of Neggs Dessert Recipes

"It’s time for the Festival of Neggs! This year, Kari the Negg Faerie has decided to share 3 of her top-secret Negg recipes with the Neopian Times..."

by chrizzlymurphy
Top Ten Grey Clothes That Are Not Drab!

"With Grey Day fast approaching pets all over Neopia are looking to try on new styles to be in on the latest fashion trend."

by surging
Buzzerfeed: Top 5 Best and Worst Jobs in Neopia

"With the end of Flash, many Neopians have been turning to other sources of revenue to earn Neopoints, such as becoming professional Food Club betters or stock market investors." Collab with scrmnow

by wizzy13_7
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"Quadrille for the Grey" by barnowl42
“Mother,” Aubadie said, racing in as fast as her little Gelert feet could carry her. “MotherMotherMotherMother!” “What is it, little one?” Aubadie’s mother laid the spoon she was using to stir their stew back in the pot and turned to nuzzle her daughter. “What has you so upset?” “I was with Bornar in the Bazaar earlier,” she said, “and I was singing and he was dancing and playing the trumpet. And it was so much fun! But then we took a break and he told something just, just, just awful.” “Tell me, sweetling,” said Aubadie’s mother, picking up her spoon again to give the stew another stir as she listened. Aubadie summoned a deep breath and then let it all out in a rush. “He said that there was a beautiful faerie who was kind and helpful and, and, and nice, and then something happened and a really, really bad faerie captured her and took away her wings and now she doesn’t have magic and she’s sad all the time!” Aubadie’s long ears drooped. Aubadie’s mother paused, and then she put the spoon down again and turned the fire to low under the stew pot. “But,” Aubadie said, ears perking again. “That can’t be right. Right? Bornar was making things up. Like—like scary stories! Because Queen Fyora would never let that happen! She’d fix it! Because it’s not fair and it’s not right!” Aubadie’s mother dropped her head briefly, and then she squared her shoulders. “Come sit with me, sweetling, and let’s talk a little,” she said. *** Aubadie would come to remember that day as the day that she learned that things were sometimes neither fair nor right. That sometimes, bad things happened and there was no easy way to fix them. When she was older, as she became a grown Gelert, she would remember sobbing into her mother’s fur over the plight of a faerie she had never met...

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