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Top Ten Grey Clothes That Are Not Drab!

by surging


With Grey Day fast approaching pets all over Neopia are looking to try on new styles to be in on the latest fashion trend. After all, anyone who is anyone is constantly refreshing their closet and outfit in accordance to the Neopian calendar. Grey might not be fashionable year-round in the eyes of many but once a year it does get the glory it deserves. Grey can be quite fashionable if you know how to style it. Grey does not equal boring nor does it equal a bad time. Grey pets in particular can be sensitive to this notion so please keep an open mind when selecting your latest outfit or picking out your new colour before going for a swim in the Rainbow Pool. However grey is not just for grey pets. Pets of every colour can benefit from appreciating the gloom in Grey Day and the hue of grey clothes. Once Grey Day is over take a look around you tomorrow. Doesn’t the air smell better? colours look brighter? Food tastes better? Just because it rains at your picnic does not mean the day is ruined. And just because your outfit favours a neutral colour does not make you neutral. You just have to know how to wear your grey.

     Basic Grey Cardigan

     Basics are great for a reason. It is a nice neutral top that can go with any colour bottom, any colour Neopet, or even on top of more grey. It may be a little warm this time of year for a cardigan but sometimes it is still chilly enough to want to bundle up. It is a great fashion piece year round.

     Basic Grey Pants

     Once again you have to respect the basics. These pants are tailored to a pet’s shape in all the right places, but know how to flair out to make a bold statement in the most muted way. Another great option to pair with colour or again more grey. You can wear these versatile pants in any environment so it should be a staple in your travel bag!

     Delicate Grey Dress

     Some Neopets are more comfortable in dresses – good thing they also have options! This short-sleeved flared beauty is perfect for any weather, to style with a cardigan or warm boots or simply as is depending on the weather. This dress proves that grey is a year-round colour due to such versatility and comfort.

     Dyeworks Grey: Baby Valentine Wings

     What, you think babies can’t get their grey on? These fashionable wings make babies feel like they can fly (I wouldn’t recommend them trying, however, depending upon their species of course). Babies do not typically have a lot of grey on them or in their environments, so this teaches them to appreciate the beauty of the colour grey. It also just looks good against all the colours they are surrounded by making the wings stand out. Grey does not always need to blend in or be bland; often, grey can thrive and be the statement piece.

     Dyeworks Grey: Dark Battle Armour

     Grey can be tough! This chic battle armour shows how tough you are, whether you are painted grey or not. It showcases the strength it takes to be grey and that you are ready to take on anything. So suit up and head over to your Battledome arena of choice and get fighting! Your opponents will be shaking and just know they will not stand a chance against someone with such strong and striking armour. Your beauty is their pain.

     Dyeworks Grey: Maraquan Ombre Ocean Wig

     Even Maraquan Neopets can appreciate the beauty in grey. They come from the most vibrant places in all of Neopia but still are clamouring for this beautiful grey wig. The hair flows perfectly underwater and manages to give a pet a perfect bit of sass and style. The bright orange pin keeps the fringe out of their faces so they are still able to play and swim in the ocean without a care.

     Grey and Purple colour Block Skirt

     Maybe you’re not 100% grey. Maybe you’re only a little, but still want to make your statement and extend your appreciation to grey. That’s where this skirt comes in. The splash of colour amongst the grey makes each colour pop, playing off each other in a charming way. The skirt hangs beautifully and keeps you cool and comfy.

     Grey Dreadlocks

     This wig lets everyone around you know that you are a vision. These perfectly styled locks are partially pinned up for some height and they will never get out of place, leaving all of Neopia wondering “how do they do it?” The answer is, of course, by taking the time and appreciating the effort it takes to style and be grey.

     Grey Moustache and Wig

     Feeling goofy but also a little grey? Maybe you want to dress up like your hero the wise old Techo Master? That’s where this little number comes in. It certainly makes a statement. What the statement is is completely up to you.

     Knitted Grey Caplet

     Grey can be fancy! Show up in both warmth and style with this beautiful piece draped over your shoulders. While it does have a snowflake on it, I would dare say this is a statement piece that deserves to be worn year-round. Since it is always snowy in Terror Mountain, perhaps it would work on your summer ski vacation and blend right in. However and wherever your choose to wear it is up to you, just know it will be stunning.

     I hope this gives you a new appreciation for grey fashion. You can put them all on at once and be totally into the spirit of Grey Day, or pick out a few pieces for other times of the year to show you are not afraid to take on grey. Grey is a beautiful colour and often it can be a beautiful feeling. Sometimes grey is simply enough. We need to learn to appreciate grey so we know how to appreciate the rainbow. We should all be thankful for Grey Day for giving us this reminder!


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