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Hello TNT! I noticed that the "Pineapple Pizza" item is categorized as "pizza". I am pretty sure it should fall into the "Gross food" category, please correct the issue. Thank you! :) ~sergente__hartmann
Interesting question! We surveyed 18 TNT members in a very important poll. Twelve voted that pineapple pizza was yummy, three voted that it was yucky, and three were indifferent. Sounds like you’re outnumbered here, but better luck next slice! ;) ~~Willow

Hey there, are we allowed to transfer all our NP to a side to be under the NP limit and obtain the Soup Faerie Avatar? ~swordsforlegs
Hi, that is probably the easiest way to get that Avatar when you have been playing for a while, so that would be fine. ~~Kikocat

Hey there! I remember a long time ago polls would go out asking for general feedback, but also suggestions and I wondered if there's a way to submit anything like that anymore? I have a lot of ideas of things I'd love to see one day and would love to share ♡ I know y'all have a pretty full plate, but having ideas can never hurt right? ~gothicxmaiden
Yes, we have two posts currently ongoing in the Site Events Neoboards where we have been collecting user suggestions for May pet days and inclusive items. We will continue to make posts asking for user suggestions when it comes to upcoming pet days and new items, so be sure to keep an eye out! ~~Aesop

In another editorial you mentioned putting the permanent OG dye items in the mall for purchase. Is this still going to happen? ~Anonymous
Yes! We are still working on this in the background/in between other releases and events. We don’t have a date for them to release, but we will post about it on the New Features page when they’re in the mall! Thanks for checking in. ~~Miss Rainbow

The Mysterious Lutari Cloak has an odd quirk where if you don't wear it with gloves, the right sleeve goes over the arm and hand and looks a bit funky. The boots from the same set have a similar problem where the feet don't actually go in if you're wearing the trousers ~isaac13579
Hey! The Mysterious Lutari Cloak and Mysterious Lutari Boots are fixed now, so these items should look great when worn individually! Thanks for bringing this to our attention. ~~Goldfish in Bowl

The Lost Fragments event was awesome, TNT! Thanks for giving us such a great surprise event! When does the Lost Fragments prize shop close? I want to spend my points, but I'm waiting for the prizes to stabilize in price. ~indulgences
Luxinia has agreed to keep the prize shop open indefinitely, so there’s no pressure on spending those points! If it were to close for some reason, we’d be sure to give a heads-up to all of Neopia in the news before it closes. ~~Aesop


I am 31 and have been on Neopets for a LONG time. I was diagnosed with ADHD and autism at 29, and it totally changed everything. My entire life suddenly made sense. And I have to tell you that when I saw the new autism and ND infinity shirts announced, I literally cried. I felt so seen and appreciated. I've loved seeing all the disability items come out because I love seeing Neopets make progress (thank you also for the queer representation, while I'm at it!) but I never truly realized just how impactful those kinds of items could be until now. Thank you so much for SEEING us.

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