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New Series

A Corsair Among the Stars

"For nearly as long as she could remember being alive, Korzara had yearned for freedom..."

by zennistrad
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Writing Lesser Known Neopian Characters

Many characters cast their shadows far and wide across the face of Neopia and its enduring lore. Dr. Sloth for his (ultimately failed) plans of world domination, the benevolent Queen Fyora, the valiant Jeran, and the intrepid Hannah are but a few. Everyone knows Illusen, Jhudora, and their complicated relationship, Brynn and Hanso’s less complicated relationship, and of course, Jazan and Nabile’s whirlwind relationship which only took the span of a few comic panels. These characters are everywhere – in the Neopedia, depicted in avatars, on greeting cards, and a multitude of other items. However, other characters remain in their shadows – side characters in plots and events who get little more than a few speaking lines, if any. They are characters who are mentioned in passing on trading cards, or characters confined to their respective games or site features who do not even get merchandising deals. Yet these enigmatic figures manage to spark our imagination and pique our interest – precisely because they are more mysterious due to their obscurity. Plus, when you like to write stories about the world of Neopia, they are fun additions to your plot whether as passing cameos or more pivotal players. But if they do not have Neopedia articles or plots from which to derive their characterization, how would one go about bringing them to life? How does one flesh out a character who does not even have much flesh to begin with?

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