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Short Stories

Uriela and the Chain

On a warm spring night in Neopia Central, the faintest hint of a breeze traveled through the streets, creeping in through an open window that it found along the way.

by turbomun
A Spring Picnic

With a crisp breeze in the air and a dapple of sunlight bursting through the branches arching over the small but homely hut, just within the boundary of the Haunted Woods, Sophie had made a decision.

by betti666
Baking Memories

“Oh no!” Rosie yelled, wafting away smoke as she ran towards the oven. Tugging the door open, she grabbed a dishcloth and pulled out the burnt cake.

by elizabeth197288
A Job at Virtupets

“Your clearance came through, you’re good to go.” Felix had been gazing so intently out the window at the endless abyss of space beyond, that he hadn’t heard the approaching hoofsteps which signaled the return of Janet, his chaperone.

by dennykins
The Ceramicist’s Apprentice

A story about Osiri (from Osiri's Pottery in Lost Desert) picking up a new pottery apprentice.

by yuumeria
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Neopia's Greatest Hunters

As all Neopians know, May is the month of Hunting. Many Pets celebrate the month by hunting for the best deals in the Marketplace and Bazaar, searching for Neggs in the Annual Negg Festival, and of course scouting for the best meal, whether it’s at a premier restaurant like Kelp or in the wilds of Neopia. But did you know Neopia is home to many top of the line hunters who scour the world for unique objects. Learning about these hunters will give many Neopians tips and advice to embark on their own hunts. Neggbreaker This formidable hunter was a powerful and oversized Hasee who searched for powerful Neggs. His main hunting ground seemed to be in a cave near the Clockwork Negg. It is unknown how long he stayed in the cave however; he was eventually vanquished by the Ancient Negg Amulet that was located inside the grid-like puzzle. Let it be a warning that searching for power can end up being the hunter’s ruin. Ylana Skyfire Skyfire grew up in a life of luxury, living in a vast mansion. She broke contact with her family after The Neopian Bank foreclosed on her family home. Going as far away as she could, this Acara traveled to the Virtupets Space Station where she joined the profession of bounty hunting. She eventually was hired by Dr Sloth and was tasked with finding the Cybunny Scout. When Dr Sloth was defeated, Ylana Skyfire left the space station and supposedly continued her bounty hunting. Her story teaches that when all seems lost, one can pick themselves up and start over. Just maybe don’t join a villain’s team. Ganeel This roguish Kyrii devoted his life to hunting treasure. One day he came across a buried temple in the desert. The door was magically sealed and could not be opened by any means other than uttering a code phrase. After several attempts, Ganeel shouted the phrase “Abracadabra” and the temple’s door opened. This Kyrii’s tale shows determination triumphs, one should never give up, and sometimes it is the simplest solution that works.

Other Stories


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