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Your questions answered!

Read the answers to the most commonly asked Neopets questions this week in the Editorial section. Each week the most popular questions will be answered by one of the creators of Neopets, so keep checking back to stay updated.

Quote of the Week

A still silence filled the Great Hall of Meridell Castle, its unwelcome presence permeating the very stonework that lay at the Kingdom's heart. Ordinarily, the grand blue and red tapestries that hung along the two grey stone walls flanking King Skarl's Throne bore witness to the sort of hustle and bustle or political intrigue that was all too familiar for any vibrant royal court.

Neopia's Greatest Hunters

As all Neopians know, May is the month of Hunting. Many Pets celebrate the month by hunting for the best deals in the Marketplace and Bazaar, searching for Neggs in the Annual Negg Festival, and of course scouting for the best meal, whether it’s at a premier restaurant like Kelp or in the wilds of Neopia. But did you know Neopia is home to many top of the line hunters who scour the world for unique objects. Learning about these hunters will give many Neopians tips and advice to embark on their own hunts. Neggbreaker This formidable hunter was a powerful and oversized Hasee who searched for powerful Neggs. His main hunting ground seemed to be in a cave near the Clockwork Negg. It is unknown how long he stayed in the cave however; he was eventually vanquished by the Ancient Negg Amulet that was located inside the grid-like puzzle. Let it be a warning that searching for power can end up being the hunter’s ruin. Ylana Skyfire Skyfire grew up in a life of luxury, living in a vast mansion. She broke contact with her family after The Neopian Bank foreclosed on her family home. Going as far away as she could, this Acara traveled to the Virtupets Space Station where she joined the profession of bounty hunting. She eventually was hired by Dr Sloth and was tasked with finding the Cybunny Scout. When Dr Sloth was defeated, Ylana Skyfire left the space station and supposedly continued her bounty hunting. Her story teaches that when all seems lost, one can pick themselves up and start over. Just maybe don’t join a villain’s team. Ganeel This roguish Kyrii devoted his life to hunting treasure. One day he came across a buried temple in the desert. The door was magically sealed and could not be opened by any means other than uttering a code phrase. After several attempts, Ganeel shouted the phrase “Abracadabra” and the temple’s door opened. This Kyrii’s tale shows determination triumphs, one should never give up, and sometimes it is the simplest solution that works.

A Foodie’s Guide to Tyrannia

Food is a great way to immerse yourself in other cultures, and what location has as much fascinating cultural history as Tyrannia? Once torn by war it is now a vibrant thriving tourist destination for fun in the sun, shopping, museums, the famous concert hall, games, and of course fine dining. Now to be fair Tyrannian food can be off putting at first. Most of their names do not always sound the most appealing and it certainly is not always as pretty looking as what they serve over at Kelp. But I encourage you to expand your horizons and palate. These foods have endured through many generations and are worth the respect and appreciation. I am here to tell you if you haven’t tried Tyrannian food you are really missing out. I am going to discuss my top ten favourite Tyrannian food items and hope I can inspire you to try some as well. A lot of what is listed you can also make yourself at home if you are unable to travel to Tyrannia so it’s easy to bring a little bit of Tyrannia to you! An omelette of any kind Most Neopians think of Tyrannia’s free omelette when they think of Tyrannian foods. And why wouldn’t they? Omelettes are delicious and versatile. They come in veggie lovers, meat lovers, even candy lovers, and more. You can really add anything you want to your omelette, that is the beauty of an omelette. There is no wrong way to make one so I hope you have fun experimenting in your orders and your cooking creations. The best part is, if you are not that hungry they can be shared in thirds easily (just be sure whoever you’re sharing it with has similar tastes). My personal favourite is Hot Tyrannian Pepper Omelette — mmm, spicy. Nerkin Leg These delicious legs come with the bone for maximum flavour and portability. Just grab onto the bottom of the bone and chomp away at the juicy Nerkin. These tender delights are perfect on their own as a snack or as the centerpiece of your meal. You can put any sort of sauce you would like on it and add additional spices.

Hubert’s Hot Dogs: Best and Worst

Hello, my fellow Neopians! This is Charles the Chocolate Chia, Neopia’s top food critic here on the scene to give you quite the scoop. As I eat my way across Neopia, my heart (and stomach) always returns to one place: my hometown in Neopia Central. When I stroll through the Neopian Bazaar and see the shops light up, I know I am home! Passing the Chocolate Factory and smelling the sweet air makes me sigh with relief, but with its ease of access, cheap prices and consistent taste, the place I crave when I am home is Hubert’s Hot Dogs. Hubert’s Hot Dogs stand is a classic Neopian eatery which has been running for years. I can never resist the deep-fried bread, the greasy hot dogs and the ketchup filled potatoes… YUM! So as a tribute to my hometown and an ode to Hubert for all the sustenance through the years, I am here to share the official report for the best and worst fares from Hubert’s Hot Dogs. Best of Hubert’s Hot Dogs: 1. Coconut Hot Dog. The Coconut Hot Dog is one of my all-time favourites from Hubert’s Hot Dogs. The Kads and I will agree that the mix of sweet and savory is superb. The Coconut Hot Dog is truly an elevated classic and at a decent price point, it is the hot dog I find myself buying the most over the years.

Other Stories
"A Spring Picnic" by betti666
With a crisp breeze in the air and a dapple of sunlight bursting through the branches arching over the small but homely hut, just within the boundary of the Haunted Woods, Sophie had made a decision. Spring had sprung and what better way to celebrate than to go for a proper picnic. Not just some Carnapepper Finger Sandwiches wrapped in paper while out for a walk. No. This called for the basket - the works. ‘Right,’ Sophie thought to herself as she clasped her hands together. She would need to prepare a few things before she set out; decide a destination, pack up the food, find her blanket and also locate her Meowclops who she hadn’t seen in a few hours (so that they could join the excursion too). As a rather solitary figure, Sophie still appreciated the company of her long-time single-eyed companion and couldn’t imagine going on this picnic without them. She gave a long low whistle in the hopes it would catch her attention and set to the rest of her tasks. ‘She’ll be here before it’s time to go’ mused Sophie to the room. Usually, Sophie’s days were filled with a mixture of research - pouring over her veritable library of magic books and tomes of natural history, flora, and fauna of the Haunted Woods - offset with brewing her concoctions in her cauldron, and crochet. She would go on long rambling walks through the woods regularly; when she needed to feel a strong...

"Uriela and the Chain" by turbomun
On a warm spring night in Neopia Central, the faintest hint of a breeze traveled through the streets, creeping in through an open window that it found along the way. There it entered a little house – specifically, the bedroom of a young Usul, whose fur rippled lightly as it passed over her. The Usul herself took no notice of this, slumbering obliviously, smiling a little at her bright and happy dreamscape. The bedroom itself wasn’t spotlessly neat, but it was at least an organized mess. Scattered all around were signs of the young Usul’s passions: nail polish bottles lined up by color on a vanity table; fashion posters tacked to the walls; a straight-A report card proudly displayed on top of the dresser. Heaped in a corner by the door was her backpack, with her name written across the front in rainbow marker letters: URIELA. On evenings when the weather was fine, Uriela loved to sleep with her window open. The feeling of the breeze ruffling her fur never failed to lull her to sleep. And now that winter was finally giving way to spring, she was looking forward to many more nights of starry skies, fresh air, and gentle winds. But tonight, the wind wasn’t the only thing that entered her bedroom. Uriela stirred when she realized that she had become cold. Still more asleep than awake, she reached down for her comforter, but her wandering hands came...

"Baking Memories" by elizabeth197288
"Oh no!” Rosie yelled, wafting away smoke as she ran towards the oven. Tugging the door open, she grabbed a dishcloth and pulled out the burnt cake. The top of the cake was black and crusty. No customer would pay for that. Unless… maybe she could scrape it off? Rosie’s wings twitched thoughtfully. She reached for a knife, and picked up the tin to turn the cake out onto a cooling rack. However, she had forgotten that it had just come out of the oven and was scorching hot, until she burned herself and dropped it onto the floor. At that moment, the doorbell to her shop sounded “Just a moment!” Rosie called, glaring at scattered mess on the floor. Now she would have to bake another one, and she was already behind schedule. Rosie sighed, then hurried across the kitchen to greet the waiting customer. As she passed the worktop, her tail knocked over a bag of icing sugar. The sweet, sticky cloud made Rosie sneeze. “More mess,” she muttered, rubbing icing out of her eyes as she went through the door. In the shop, a young Usul with a red bow tied around her ears stood patiently behind the counter. She smiled at Rosie. “Hello! I’d like to order a cake, please,” she said. Rosie winced. She hated saying no to customers, but today was not going well and she had so much work to do already. “I’m sorry, I can’t take any more orders today. There’s been a few….um…problems in the kitchen…”

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